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Monthly Newsletter 05/17:

Topics: Quote, Portfolio Update, Portfolio Discussion, More Books, What’s your “WHY”, & Monthly Munchies.

A great monthly update as always with insightful personal notes :) I've added Modern Monopolies and The Almanack of Naval Ravikant to my reading list. Also really cool that you found the free version of the book on the web. Thanks for sharing Yegor
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$OMAB reports that terminal passenger traffic at its 13 airports increased 39.5% in April 2022, as compared to April 2021. Domestic traffic increased 42.8%, and international traffic increased 17.5%.
Quick portfolio update
I wanted to share an update on my current portfolio while I’m working (trying to) on substack post that I’m hopeful to release by Monday.

A few worth mentions are $TWTR $OMAB $DISCK and $C

  • $TWTR as (probably) most of you know that Elon Musk took almost 10% stake in Twitter which skyrocketed the price for me to go from -20-30% to +0-5% which gave me opportunity to trim and add more to $PYPL $SPOT and $MITK . I still like it but EM is a wild card

  • $OMAB I’m trading in and out of (for profit) as I can’t get my self to hold it in my portfolio unless it goes below 50-55 range 🤷🏻‍♂️ I realize I’m just price sensitive when it comes to certain portfolio positions.

  • $DISCK should be becoming WMD soon so keeping dry powder for this one while adding tiny amounts as it goes down.

For $C I have as a sell put option expiring next week into earnings with price or 45. I think it’s cheap and that P/B is getting interesting BUT I also know Citigroup is cheap for a reason and it needs to prove it self in the “turn around play” not touching it via buying stock until below 45.

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02.06.2022 Portfolio Update (Monthly Edition)

Topics: Portfolio Update, Portfolio Discussion, More Books, Personal Update & Monthly Munchies.

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Portfolio Update 1/24/2022
I decided to do a quick update on portfolio given whats going in the market & the changes that happen with-in the last week

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We do not have similar strategies, but this resonated with me.

"I really have no clue what’s going on. Lets be honest we all knew this was coming. Some tried to time it, others tried to ignore it. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you are buying (aka quality of the businesses) and the prices you are paying for those businesses."
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