Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 28th - Mar 4th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Two of my holdings, $SE and $SOFI report next week, so I'll be paying significant attention to both. Other than that, I'm also interested in seeing what retailers like $TGT $BBY and $COST have to say about supply chain issues and inflation.

Good luck to everyone!

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar! (Nov 1-5)
Hey guys! Here's next week's earnings calendar! Several very interesting companies set to report earnings. Here's the one's I'm most excited about and why:

  • $APPS: any sign of iOS ad dollars shifting to android (Digital Turbine's revenues are mostly from android).
  • $Z: an update on the real estate market and iBuying
  • $LYFT and $UBER: is mobility in the US back to pre-pandemic levels?
  • $COIN metrics on the NFT market.
  • $PENN and $DKNG update on the mobile sports betting market.
  • $ATVI number of Call of Duty Warzone players. The last reported number was 100MM.
  • $CRSR: comments on the supply chain issues they're experiencing.
  • $MELI: update on the Brazilian e-commerce market. Relevant for $SE's expansion.
Comment below which earnings report you are looking forward to the most!
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What I learned from AMC
Wow. The past two weeks of WSB dominating the market news with $GME, then jumping to $AMC, and now I believe $DOGE? All I can say is my 6-12 month investment in $AMC got swept up, and I had, as most would call it, paper hands. I had done my research; I knew that AMC's YoY revenue was down 90%, and it seemed like a perfect company to rebound in a post covid restricted world. Two quick lessons I got from evaluating this trade is to look at the rest of the market.

  1. Always check the short interest on any stock that I buy.
  2. Pulling out a chart to read the RSI takes 5 minutes to evaluate if a stock is overbought or sold.

Neither of these would force me to go 180 on a decision, but it is critical info before putting money in. (I should have been doing this before.)

So let's dive into my buying history with $AMC, not in shares but the percentage of total volume over the last three months
  • 11/27 (10%) at 4.50
  • 12/3 (6%) at 3.75
  • 12/15 (24%) at 3.23
  • 12/21 (10%) at 2.62
  • 1/05 (50%) at 2.00

1.00+ 0.262 + 0.772+ 0.225 +0.45 ~ Average cost of $2.71

The short interest/RSI would have come in handy before that first purchase or even the one on 12/15. I could have timed my entry better, but my price target was $7, so I was still expecting a near 2x return. However, I believed in the play, so as the price kept falling, I kept buying until 1/05 where I doubled my original position at $2.00. I was a believer in the strategy.

On January 21, I saw the price spike in the $3.23 range and sold 20% of my investment.

  1. This was a spur of the moment reactionary sale from the price movement. Looking back, it wasn't strategic and triggered the following events.

Then madness, with $GME still mooning and murmurs around AMC in the same channels. I got weak hands; I was nervous about a severe correction wiping out AMC. I forgot about my strategy my price target and sold in the $4.33 -$4.72 range. This should be a win because I had a ~70% return on the initial investment. Here are the reasons why it wasn't.

  1. I let the market volatility shake my conviction without rationally going through the best path forward. This had happened before when I was holding $NVAX last January.
  2. I clearly missed a momentum play that I was already positioned perfectly to ride. @gannon saw it clearly, posted here and on Twitter, but I jumped off the ship.

So what did I do for the rest of the week after getting over the FOMO. I bought into positions that I have a long price target for $FB, $SQ, $WMT, $CLOV, and $DIS. I repositioned many of my smaller investments that I don't have the same belief for growth or positions like $SPCE that I wanted to take a step back and evaluate at the current price.
Great review! Such a good takeaway regarding focusing on your strategy and conviction instead of price movement. But also this is a great description of just how hard that is in the moment. Thanks for the example. And interesting that you ultimately moved into positions that you have a longer price target for.
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Today’s Trades
I should probably start using this space for real memos! For now, quick notes every few days will have to do.

After frustrations over riding the vaccine wave, I decided to get off. Exited very green ($PFE and $MRNA ) but not what I expected at all. Will continue to watch closely. And am still in $NVAX for better or for worse.

In bio tech, I added to $TWST and $PSTI positions. $TWST because have seen 60% returns so far and think this will skyrocket. $PSTI because despite the drop, we are seeing a quick comeback. So good to average down.

Lastly, bought first position in $BIDU . Excited about this one with their speculation about getting into EV.
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Today’s Moves
Oy! A more eventful morning than I would have liked! All vaccine related.

Sold $BNTX today. Probably should have sold sooner but was remaining hopeful all week. Going to continue to watch it and consider getting back in at $100.

Honestly could say the exact same thing about $CVAC. Sold but will still have an alert on $100. Their results of their Phase 3 aren’t looking great so a bit less interested in this one.

Took sizable profits on both but could have taken more if I had pulled the plug a few days ago 🙃 Don’t you love when that happens?

Continuing to hold $NVAX and $NVTA probably despite my best judgement. Put some serious alerts on though so I don’t miss anything.

In news outside bio, added to $OKTA and $TWLO positions.
I really like Invitae $NVTA for the long term even though it is a risky play for world domination they're shooting for.

For me its a 'size according to how much I'm willing to lose' and then just don't sell. Otherwise I'll be a weak hand with all the volatility. In my opinion this is a company where Morgan Housel's words ring true: "Volatility is a admission fee worth paying"
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