Yesterday, I was finally given an exciting day I was waiting for for a while now. I deployed lots of cash and added to $HIMS $NET $NOW $NVDA and $DDOG.

I finally decided to take a step and did what @nathanworden likes to call a "ruthless consolidation" and closed my position in $AMD at roughly break-even (no fundamental issues, but simply a consolidation decision) and that money will likely go into $NVDA and a bunch. I'd love to add to $NVDA in $120s if I'll be granted the opportunity to do so.

All and all, this leaves me with 18 positions in my portfolio as of now.
Today, I started deploying quite a lot of cash I raised from the positions I closed or reduced as we saw a wave of rather extreme surges in stock prices. I added to $GOOGL $MSFT $ADBE $NOW $SHOP and $DUOL. In total I spent quite a lot of cash, left with around 11,1% in cash now.

More weakness will mean more adding, obviously, and I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm digesting a few of my holdings in portfolio and their overlaps with my other positions and the strategy I want to take when it comes to those. Again, I'll let you know when I decide to take action. Have a great weekend :)
Trimmed about 20% of my $NET position here. I feel like that's what I should do after this spike. Things can turn around very quickly and so given the current circumstances I think it's wise to raise some money. In case we go lower I'll start adding to my positions again :) I'm eyeing $ABNB $MSFT $GOOGL $DDOG perhaps $TSLA, and then my SaaS faves that ran away before I managed to build up my position $NOW $SNOW $MDB.

I continue to re-evaluate my $SQ position as for some time I had the dilemma of simply consolidating into $SHOP but I still hadn't looked too closely into their earnings and transcript so this will take a little bit. Will be comparing the performance of the two and make up my mind.

Additionally, I continue to observe what the companies on my watchlist do and will react responsibly there, the goal is to stay disciplined and take a position when I'm fully convinced it's a great fit for my portfolio and I love the company, management and all that good stuff.
July Portfolio Update
Portfolio update for July - still sitting at around 15% cash. I remain cautious, but this has shrunk from the 20% or so I was sitting at last month.

This earnings season will see some of these positions reshuffle as I don't plan to add to anything until I can listen to management commentary on the current environment, guidance, etc.

You can check out my full post here but the highlights are:

  • Added to $NOW, $TSLA and $GOOG
  • Unity $U is joining $GDRX in the doghouse
  • $SHOP will require some patience to see how this year of reinvesting everything into growth plays out
  • No new positions
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Weekly portfolio review
Weekly portfolio review (total return, week/YTD)

$SPY +4.28%/-12.99%
$QQQ +4.46%/-20.61%
$VTV +3.20%/-5.31%
$VUG +5.05%/-21.40%
$ARKK -2.42%/-52.29%
Portfolio +3.28%/-11.78%

A busy week with mostly positive earnings reports from the big tech companies.

17 of the 40 companies from my selection reported earnings last week. Overall, the results were encouraging. Even with the obvious macro headwinds of inflation, a strong US dollar and economic downturn, $AMZN, $MSFT and $GOOG did very well.

But even quality companies are not immune to macroeconomic conditions. The advertising business from $META is slowing, while $NOW cut its subscription revenue forecast.

However, this is a far cry from the speculative growth stocks that got bid up to the moon during the recent tech bubble and are now coming down to earth. In downturns, quality companies show strong relative strength compared to the likes of story stocks like $TDOC or $ROKU
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$MSFT results prove great Software is not really affected by "recession", "inflation" or other buzzwords.
Focus on fundamentals, and leave fear to economists.

$PLTR $CRM $NOW should perform well too.
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Expecting a big quarter from $PLTR. Looks like commercial revenue is going well but also government spending should be big this quarter as they hinted in their last call.
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