Another look at co's trading near/below Cash - more SPACs this time

Did some more screens around this, and the following tickers are registering extremely low Price/Cash from completed SPAC perspective. Any takers out there for these? Write-ups or feedback welcome. All companies at less than 2-1 to cash ratio, some are under.

$LTCH - Fast growing arguably "tech" play at 30%+ under cash. Have read the CEO is a bit off via reviews. Is there a story here?
$NNDM - Additive manufacturing play trading 25%+ under cash. Why?
$SHPW - Similar to above, trading way below cash - seem to be collaborating with Desktop metal. Why the disastrous price - worst on the list? Well under cash.
$BLDE - Obviously a long way for VTOLs to really become a thing, but barely over cash value.
$HLGN - Unique approach to Solar.
$ROIV - Anyone understand this business?
$SPIR - Similar profile to $PL here.
$ASTR - Are reusable rockets going to be a thing? If so, these guys are a top 3 player and trading at cash.
$CURI - I've used the product and like it, although a lot of garbage on there, its value for the price.
$AESE - Cash pile trading at 63 cents on the dollar looking for target. Hit a home run on this last time it was setup similarly a year+ ago. Seen a few of these now. Do we just not trust the mgmt?
$ACHR - Seems like a Rivian-tier player in VTOL space. Can they get across finish line?
$SMFR - They seem to be struggling for a direction without Covid testing growth?
$EVLV - Does the technology here look realistic to take share from metal detectors?
$VLDR - Under cash value, but it's Lidar... seems too competitive.
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