April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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What to watch for the week of 5/2/22.
Are you prepared to take on the markets this week? Here’s a watchlist that I created of some potential catalysts I’ll be keeping an eye on and looking to trade for the week beginning May 2nd. Feel free to save it for reference, share it in your trade groups and repost it on your social media page. Also be sure to follow me. Let me know what you’ll be watching in the comments.

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The Dark Side of the Market: The Short Sell
Everyone is very familiar with buying a stock but many are missing a huge opportunity within the market by not being educated on the short sell.
First off, what is a short sell? Short selling a stock is when you borrow the shares at a set price with the hopes of buying them back in the future for lower. Just as you want to buy low and sell high, you want to short high, and re-buy back in low.
What are the pros to short selling? You can explode the returns of your portfolio if you believe a company is extremely overvalued. For example $ZM $FVRR $PTON are all exceptional examples of overvalued companies last year that could have generated over 80% returns in 2 years.
What are the risks of short selling? Unlimited downside potential, hard to borrow shares with some brokers, unable to borrow shares in retirement accounts, and at times higher fees.
How do I utilize short selling? I primarily short a stock as it is transitioning from a stage 3 top into a stage 4 downtrend. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is called stage analysis and it shows the higher time frame trend of a stock.
Given The Feds major change in stance this year with higher interest rates, potential end of QE, war with Ukraine - Russia, and other macro headwinds - I saw a huge opportunity for stocks to decouple this year. At first, we saw small caps roll over which gave a foreshadowing of what is to come in the mid/large cap world. While some might use short selling as a way to make money from an overvalued company, I utilize short selling when macro headwinds are ahead and TA is confirming major breakdowns. A few examples of these have included $U $UPST $MDB $APPS $DKNG $NIO $BABA and many more.
There are major risks to short selling as I only utilize them as trades, but they have been a huge part of my portfolio this year instead of sitting in cash or staying long in many downtrending stocks.
No matter how much you believe in your stock over the next 5-10 years - understanding how to actively invest can lead to explosive returns if you can capture both the upside and the downside.
I have not taken 1 long in over 6 months as an will wait patiently for my watchlist stocks to base after decoupling. For example, I am bullish on $TWLO long term, but I have shorted it this year to increase my portfolio value to buy more shares when it transitions from stage 4 into stage 1.
It’s important to learn to play both sides of the market because only playing the long side misses out on so much money when the market is rolling over.
If you can’t short, you can always look into inverse ETFs such as $SPXU $RWM $SQQQ $SDOW.
Trade the trend. Use the profits to buy more shares of your favorite long term names. Rinse and repeat.
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End of Week Trading Update
Added $TMUS short sell: $132.01 - day trade - bought to cover at $130.62 for 1% gain.
Bought to cover $NIO short sell at $18.00 - 3% gain.
Bought to cover $CCL short sell at $18.00 - 2% gain.
Still holding $FSLY and $PUBM short sells over the weekend.
$FSLY Entry: $18.32
$PUBM Entry: $23.20
88% cash.
Ending this month up 8.58% 🎉
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Top Gainers Today @ 10am
Top Gainers Today: $MSFT, $V, $MA, $BABA, $BHP, $BKNG, $JD, $FCX, $PDD, $DDOG, $RIVN, $GFS, $NIO, $CSGP, $ENPH, $LI, $TECK, $ZTO, $BEKE, $TER
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$MSFT - Microsoft Corporation - Software - Infrastructure - $2116.95B - %Chg: 5.67%

$V - Visa Inc. - Credit Services - $441.16B - %Chg: 9.88%

$MA - Mastercard Incorporated - Credit Services - $349.87B - %Chg: 8.21%

$BABA - Alibaba Group Holding Limited - Internet Retail - $234.87B - %Chg: 5.55%

$BHP - BHP Group Limited - Other Industrial Metals & Mining - $180.69B - %Chg: 5.03%

$BKNG - Booking Holdings Inc. - Travel Services - $89.83B - %Chg: 5.30%

$JD - JD.com, Inc. - Internet Retail - $83.80B - %Chg: 8.56%

$FCX - Freeport-McMoRan Inc. - Copper - $69.60B - %Chg: 5.70%

$PDD - Pinduoduo Inc. - Internet Retail - $46.68B - %Chg: 9.67%

$DDOG - Datadog, Inc. - Software - Application - $41.65B - %Chg: 5.30%

$RIVN - Rivian Automotive, Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $29.78B - %Chg: 5.30%

$GFS - GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. - Semiconductors - $27.60B - %Chg: 5.40%

$NIO - NIO Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $26.55B - %Chg: 6.23%

$CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc. - Real Estate Services - $24.52B - %Chg: 6.95%

$ENPH - Enphase Energy, Inc. - Solar - $24.13B - %Chg: 12.10%

$LI - Li Auto Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $23.31B - %Chg: 7.00%

$TECK - Teck Resources Limited - Other Industrial Metals & Mining - $21.86B - %Chg: 10.41%

$ZTO - ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. - Integrated Freight & Logistics - $21.77B - %Chg: 7.80%

$BEKE - KE Holdings Inc. - Real Estate Services - $18.10B - %Chg: 6.25%

$TER - Teradyne, Inc. - Semiconductor Equipment & Materials - $17.99B - %Chg: 5.63%
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$NIO can easily dominate the EV industry through its battery-swap stations
The main reason why many Chinese and Norwegian consumers are choosing $NIO over any other Chinese EV maker, let alone any American or German EV marker, is because of their battery swap services.

Charging an EV is something most aren't interested in when they're commuting or traveling. Consumers are already used to filling up their vehicles fast. One reason why many are reluctant to switch to electric is the fact that they take longer to charge. Overnight charging can be convenient, but when traveling from SF to LA or other places that are far away, many would prefer to just fill up quickly and continue traveling to their destination.

$NIO customers love the convenience of the battery swap services and because of it, they continue to use it. It's why Nio is looking to build more battery swap stations throughout China.

When Nio expanded into Norway in late 2021, many of its foreign customers bought the vehicle in anticipation that they will soon open up the battery swap stations in the country.

$TSLA once had plans to open a battery swap station network. It received $295 million in green subsidies from 2012 to 2014 because regulators wanted to support Tesla's plans to build battery swap stations. In the end, Tesla benefited from the subsidies and didn't deliver the highly anticipated battery swap services to customers.

And in March 2021, Tesla denies that it has plans to even offer battery swap services.

As long as the other automakers delay or even dismiss plans to consider providing battery swap services to EV customers, Nio will continue to shine in the EV industry. If the rest of the industry wants their customers to be able to get their batteries swapped at a Nio battery swap station, I can see automakers reconfiguring their vehicle designs to where they're compatible with Nio's battery swap station's capabilities.
One thing I like about $NIO is their general marketing strategy / philosophy.

NIO prefers to get marketing exposure through creative avenues. For example, NIO owns and operates a Formula E team: https://www.nio.com/formulae/

By owning this Formula E team, they are able to compete in a world racing championship, which brings exposure and awareness that they're an EV brand. It also allows them to develop from track to road.

They get both marketing exposure and the opportunity to develop capabilities on the racetrack that can then be used in road cars.

Marketing like this is more of a brand awareness play than direct marketing. The message is: "Hey. We're not just a Chinese brand. We're a global brand. We're taking part in a global racing series."

I like seeing brands engage in this way rather than just paying for pure marketing.
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Why is $GGPI is so overlooked?!
Tesla's are getting unaffordable... Rivian, Lucid, and $NIO can't produce/manufacture enough vehicles... All while $GGPI has vehicles ready to purchase and recently signed a MASSIVE deal with Hertz!
Is this the next best EV Stock?!

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