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Real Estate Summary for Week ending 6/3/22
Summary of my Real Estate activities for the week.

M1 Finance - 37 buys this week

Posted a loss this week on this REIT portfolio as 'Fat Cat Investing' is currently DOWN 1.59% for the week but still UP 2.62% overall since inception.

Concreit - received my weekly dividend payment of $0.1292 on deposits of $101.19 (including DRIP).

Both are a part of my ongoing "Real Estate Rumble"

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National Healthcare Investors πŸ’Έ $0.90/share
And another quarter dividend is in the pocket!
The performances of Healthcare REITs are not stellar post-covid, and there are a lot of rumors about the possibility that some of them will be forced to cut their dividends. Fortunately, up to now, $NHI could keep it strong.
Yield 6.72% 😱
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May 2022 πŸ’Έ Dividends Recap
Hello fellow investors πŸ‘‹
Here is the list of expected dividends for May 2022. The months of May/Aug/Nov/Feb are not the best ones from a cash flow point of view, but I am pretty happy anyway.
I will total $1,570 pre-tax as dividends from my stocks. πŸ‘‡

The larger inflow will come from $NHI and the smaller from $WSM

Money will then be re-invested in the portfolio weekly.
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I am deeply worried 😯
Hello fellow investors πŸ‘‹
I am concerned about the situation of 2 of my REITs: $NHI and $OHI
These two companies operate in Nursing Homes & Senior Care Facilities.

While this is a sector that, in my opinion, has a bright outlook, the Covid was not a joke for them.

Here I attach the Omega Healthcare $OHI Investor Presentation of April 2022, where they point out that they are struggling to collect rent. Unfortunately, many operators in this industry are having issues, and while still the sector is profitable, the accumulated debts by some of them make it impossible to pay back.

You can check slide 10 of this presentation to understand the situation

Considering this situation, these 2 REITs are priced very low.

translating into a very high and risky dividend yield:

OHI - 9.36% πŸ”₯
NHI - 6.44%

High Yield ALWAYS means high risk, and I don't feel comfortable sitting on such a risky asset. I'm not eager to sell off my positions, but I will not increase them. I did a bit of DCA during 2020 after the crash, but I can't expose myself anymore.

Do any of you invest in this sector? Any thoughts?
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National Health πŸ’Έ $0.90/share
I am thrilled about this dividend declaration. I was worried about $NHI earning report cause the business is not doing so well recently, and I was scared of a dividend cut. But no. Yield 6.74% 😨
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My REITs Recap 🏘️ πŸ₯
Hello fellow investors,
Last week 3 of my 4 REITs had Earnings Reports.

$ESS - Apartments West Coast
$AVB - Apartments East/West Coast
$OHI - Senior Care Facilities

So let's take a look:

Apartment REITs are doing good across all the US.

Rents are increasing, occupation too and as we can see Costal one, which suffered more in the covid era, are now back on track. As we can see from the next chart, both $ESS and $AVB are now trading higher than the pre-covid ATH, a sign that the market considers the sector fully recovered.

I was lucky to average down on both these REITs during 2020, having now a wonderful $ESS +36% and $AVB +54%. But, of course, I am not planning to sell these dividend beasts anytime soon.

Regarding Healthcare and Senior Living REITs, the situation is a bit worse.
Even both my investments, $NHI and $OHI, didn't report any additional dividend cut, they are still struggling cause the industry is under pressure.

Rent collection and occupancy are a bit low, creating danger for the sustainability of their dividends.

The situation is not good. But I believe in the future needs of Senior Housing and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Stocks are trading way under the pre-covid levels, and there is a great opportunity for a strong price rally if they can survive such hard times.

I don't plan to increase my investment at this stage; for sure, I will first wait for the Earning Reports of $NHI, which will be the end of February, before taking any decision.

Do you invest in REITs? What's your vision of the market?
Let me know πŸ‘‡
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For the REIT ❀️ Lovers
Hello fellow investors,
I want to bring to your attention a series of interesting resources for all the REITs lovers out there.

REITs are a superb investment vehicle, especially for non-US investors, which cannot benefit from websites like Fundrise, for example, to invest directly in the US Real Estate market.

Podcast πŸ”‰
Here is the link to one podcast from Alexis Assadi. It's dated 2018, but the information in each episode is timeless cause it explains how REITs work. It's a lighthearted approach to understanding the world of REITs, and if you are not familiar with it, I suggest you take a look.

Episode from 2 to 9 are REIT oriented

REIT Database πŸ—‚οΈ
There are plenty of websites talking about REIT investment, but I found that Nareit is one of the best places to go. Extensive database of private and public REITs, articles, statistics, and market data. I suggest taking a look there.

REIT Analyst πŸ”Ž
Without a doubt, we need to talk about Hoya Capital
Those fellas are nuts. The level of analysis and the quality of their articles are top quality. Unfortunately, most of their articles are for paid members, but if you subscribe to them on Seeking Alpha from time to time, come out free analysis. I have to say, they are gems.

Hoya capital also runs 2 ETFs on the REIT market:

1) $HOMZ Hoya Capital Housing Index 🏘️
Offers diversified exposure across the entire United States residential housing industry, seeking to invest in many of the fastest-growing real estate companies.

2) $RIET Hoya Capital High Dividend YieldπŸ’Έ
Provides diversified exposure to 100 of the highest dividend-yielding real estate securities in the United States. Distribute the dividend monthly.

Hope you folks are interested in REITs as much as I am, so hopefully, such links can be useful.

What REITs I own: you can check my profile, connected directly with IBRK account, but here is the list: $ESS $AVB $O $NHI $OHI

I will post articles and graphics about the Real Estate market from time to time, so if you are interested, upvote this post and follow me here on SC.
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REITs for the Win πŸ₯‡ 2022
Hello fellow investors πŸ‘‹
I believe that REITs can be one of the hot class of stocks for 2022 cause they perform better than the market during moderate-high inflation.

Below πŸ‘‡ graph (courtesy of Nareit) shows historical performance during inflationary pressures

Rent price tends to follow inflationary conditions, also considering that many long-term contracts have inflationary clauses inside.

As a dividend investor, REITs are also a safe and reliable play if you want to collect stable-growing income every quarter πŸ’ͺ

I love ❀️ REITs - Here the ones in my dividend portfolio:

πŸŒ€Do you own any REIT?
Let me know which one in the comments πŸ‘‡

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