April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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Recent Articles
Hey everyone, happy Saturday!

I wanted to share some of my recent write-ups. I also have all of these pinned on my blog: https://moneyball101.substack.com/ which is free!

Cybersecurity is one sector that I think is showing some resiliency in an otherwise choppy and unpredictable market. Yesterday on Halftime Report, Josh Brown said something to the effect of "clearly we've reached a point where the average investor doesn't care if a company is posting strong earnings or not." Now this was not in reference to CrowdStrike per se. However, I think his broader point is that some companies are actually positioned quite well, yet the stock price does not reflect that. Last week, Goldman upgraded CrowdStrike and believes the company is in the "sweet spot" of cybersecurity. I agree with this sentiment. Despite the field being quite saturated and competitive, CrowdStrike has found a way to invest heavily in R&D and increase the number of modules offered to customers. This is important because they are effectively demonstrating that they have the capabilities beyond traditional endpoint security and offer customers an entire suite of products and services. In addition, I was also encouraged by the company's recent penetration into the public sector. This could end up being very lucrative as gov't contracts tend to be long, high-dollar and sticky.

I've written about Coinbase several times so I don't want to overdo it or appear like a pumper. In full transparency, I do not have the stomach (or interest) in individual tokens or protocols. I am "playing crypto" via my position in Coinbase. The company has cratered from its IPO price a year ago. But if you look at the fundamentals, the Coinbase has so many products and services that aren't even at scale yet. I think this company could be enormous in 5-10 years. I also personally find it hard to believe that private companies such as FTX are worth the same as Coinbase (just look at the valuations).

Matterport is a really cool product. I think at this valuation it's worth a speculative buy. To be brief, I think there is at least a 70% chance it gets acquired within 3 years.

Google is very much in growth mode. Unlike other FAANG cohorts, the company is growing in high double-digits year over year, and it is massively profitable. Google is reinvesting these profits into other areas of the business. For example, Google Cloud is a $20 billion revenue business, yet it is not profitable. So far in 2022, Google has made two significant acquisitions in the cybersecurity space and plans to roll those services into Google Cloud. This is important because companies like Google essentially have the ability to completely change one of its business segments virtually overnight. Should integration go well, Google Cloud could be in a terrific position to expand its footprint in the public cloud space.

On another note, Google is splitting its stock this summer. I've written extensively about buying before a stock split as opposed to after. I will be adding to Google over the coming months before the split.

Both of these companies have polarized Wall Street. While some banks downgraded them both, others have maintained buy ratings and price targets with significant upside. I think one of the core bear arguments for NVIDIA at the moment is potential waning demand for its chips given the changes in the Ethereum protocol. Although this argument has some merit, I personally don't buy it. I think NVIDIA's management team is best-in-class, and the development of the omniverse and its multitude of applications is what long-term investors should be focused on.

I am a huge Palantir bull. I'll be clear up front in saying that I don't think the stock will move much after Q1 earnings. Given that I work in the database management space and have seen the amount of money flowing in from private investors, I know firsthand how much demand there is for these products.

Palantir spent two decades developing its software and has been winning large gov't and commercial deals over the last few years. I think Cathie Wood's sale of her entire positioned spooked a lot of retail investors. I will admit that Palantir has A LOT of direct and tangential competition in the public and private space. For example, private companies such as Databricks and Dataiku. And in the public markets, companies like Snowflake and C3.ai are definitely not to be overlooked. I HIGHLY recommend reading @youngmoneycapital Twitter thread about Snowflake.

To me, Palantir is a generational company. I very much see it becoming a trillion dollar market cap in the future and believe the growth story could just be getting started.

I won't go into a ton of detail here. I feel that people either love Tesla or hate it. Listening to the Q1 cc got me more excited than ever for what the future holds. Simply put, I think it's far too late for competition to catch up. Not that this has much to do with fundamental investing, but when I was in LA two weeks ago, I saw hundreds of Tesla's on the road. By comparison, I saw three Rivian and one Lucid. When I was in Iceland in November, I saw Teslas everywhere there. It was kind of stunning to see how broad a reach this company really has. I haven't been to continental Europe in several years, so I can't speak about the popularity of its cars there. But, as I bounce b/w Philadelphia and DC for my personal life, I can say I see Teslas all over the place in both cities.

Now, these are just personal anecdotes. When it comes to financials, Tesla is expanding its margins which is leading to an increase of cash flow. Subsequently, the company is reinvesting this cash flow into long-term projects like robotaxi and Optimus. Should the company execute on its vision (which it has so far), Tesla could be a once-in-a-lifetime company.

Well, I wrote about Shopify and then the stock tanked lol No doubt it has heavy competition from Amazon, which is better capitalized. I think the stock has fallen too far, and given its proposed split, it's worth a speculative buy going into the summer.

Final thoughts
As always, please let me know your thoughts as I love to hear them. Also, a link to my free substack is below in cash anyone wants to sign up. I send out my articles as well as interesting reads from the week. From time to time, I'll do deeper dive type of analysis as well as post about trading cards (another hobby I love).


Disclosure: No current position. Liquidated 500 shares b/w $25-$32 per share. Initial cost basis $11 per share.

Wanted to drop my latest article before I take off for CA. I focused more on the company's recurring revenue growth and outlined how that could lead to significant margin expansion over time.

I think the metaverse is a tangential play for $MTTR and that the company has a ton of opportunity in its core business of indexing the built world. Will probably get back in once I feel a little more comfortable with general market dynamics.
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My best investment of 2021
My best investment of 2021 was probably $FB because it is a big position, and it stabilized the whole portfolio when growth stocks were doing that well.

Otherwise, the highest gains in 2021 were from buying $DOCN and $MTTR and later selling them when the growth stocks started falling.
Stocks that I have been looking at: $OPEN and $MTTR
I competed in the market - stock pitching game. Two stocks that intrigued me are $OPEN and $MTTR .

$OPEN was pitched by @tyler.okland - $OPEN has the potential to become a lone player in house flipping business.

$MTTR was pitched by @foolward - $MTTR is growing more than just an IP and app.

They are in my watchlist and hopefully they will be in my portfolio after some dd.
That’s great! I hope you enjoy the DD and it would be great to hear your thoughts on both.
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"The Market" Stock Pitching Game Recap
Thanks to everyone who came to 'The Market' game today!

It was an honor to have so much talent all in once place and to hear such great pitches.

@tyler.okland emerged the victor with his pitch of Opendoor $OPEN

@foolward was runner up with his pitch of Matterport $MTTR

@joefoolery pitched Microsoft $MSFT
@investor_from_nepal pitched Unity $U
@couch_investor pitched Pinterest $PINS
@taylorsulik pitched Redwire $RDW

I'll be uploading the pitches over the next couple of days! Can't wait to share the replays with you all!

Be sure to sign up for the next game on Friday, January 14th at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST: Sign up HERE
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My Watchlist
The majority of the companies on my watchlist—50%—are focused on the metaverse. This includes $IMMR $NVDA $U $MTTR.

The rest of the companies that I have on my watchlist are companies that I think have a lot of promise in the future ($ABNB) or I appreciate their product offerings ($ADBE $ASAN $PTON) and would like to see how they progress over time.
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