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Is This Billion Dollar Growth Stock Your Next 10x?
Yes it does feel weird to talk about 10x stocks during a bear market. But would you rather buy it at the top or bottom?

  • Unlike $TTD which works on the buy-side of the adtech space, $PUBM operates on the sell-side which helps publishers get a higher return on their ad spending. The two, therefore, don't compete with each other but actually, work together.
  • Pubmatic is smaller than its nearest competitor $MGNI, but its growth is organic and the company has been profitable for a while.
  • The global ad industry is expected to hit $1 trillion by 2025.
  • With Pubmatic's market capitalization of just under one billion dollars, growing revenue of over 20% consistently, and being profitable, I can see this stock outperforming the market by quite a lot in the long term.

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Adtech legislation in progress
Below is a link to NY Posts article on adtech scrutiny of companies like $GOOG $GOOGL. In short, if you participate in buying and selling ads, AND have them displayed on your own properties on which you get user data, this law will force a breakup of some parts of that business.

⬆️ for $TTD $PUBM $MGNI and $ATY, although I’m only long $TTD

⬇️ for $GOOG and maybe $AMZN at some point???

FYI WSJ also has an article about this, but it’s behind a paywall.

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Ad Tech looks stable if not bullish
With the rest of the market missing expectations and giving poor guidance, Ad Tech (businesses) have so far been pretty stable.

Granted, stock prices have dipped with the rest of the market, but the businesses are still performing.

$MGNI reported EPS in line at $0.08, a 166% increase YoY; with sales coming in at $118M, beating the estimate of $107M by 10%, +95% YoY.

$TTD EPS of $0.21 beat the $0.15 estimate by 40%, a +50% YoY gain. Sales came in at $315M, beating the estimated $304M by 3%, a +43% YoY gain.

$PUBM, I don't own anymore, beat EPS estimate by nearly 200% coming in at $0.14. Sales and Q2 guide were in-line with estimates as well.

$CTV just missed the EPS estimate of ($0.05), coming in at ($0.06), however sales beat by 21%, coming in at $25.9M. They reported organic YoY revenue growth of 30%, and +40% revenue growth including their new acquisition of TV Squared. Losses are expected to narrow next Q, and FY'22 revenue is expected between $135-$140M.

$ZMDTF had a +183% YoY Q with revenue of $18.7M and FY'21 revenue of $52.6M, +107% YoY. They also finished the year with a positive EBITDA of $5.8M for FY'21. The company is guiding for a FY'22 revenue of $74M-$80M, approximately +50% YoY.

We're still waiting on reports dates from $APPS $MOBQ $MVVYF.

$KBNT is on the bubble from last Q., they report on May 16.

And the one I'm most anxious/excited about, AcuityAds $ATY, reports on May 12th. They also just got approval for a stock buyback plan. I'll be watching this one closely.

I'd like to consolidate some of these Ad Tech positions after earnings season is over, but so far I've been mostly pleased with the sectors results.

How are you guy's feeling about the Ad Tech sector over the next few Q's? 👇

I've seen some interesting buzz surrounding $TTD recently. Their earnings report was very strong, and their partnerships, especially with $WMT, could drive further growth
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US Portfolio April Results:
Performance YTD: -40.54% vs SPY: -13.60%
Portfolio By Weight:

$NVDA - 13.03%
$SE - 12.21%
$PLTR - 11.32%
$GOOG - $11.07%
$DDOG - 10.60%
$SQ - 7.69%
$ZS - 7.12%
$ABNB - 4.30%
$TSLA - 4.19%
$TTD - 4.00%
$MGNI - 3.78%
$DOCN - 3.18%
$MQ - 2.71%
$OPEN - 2.45%
$QQQ - 2.20%

Tough month, that's for sure. I'm still buying fortnightly, mostly $GOOG... at this point. I haven't sold any positions this month, i'm hoping in years to come i'll be rewarded for holding onto them - I understand some more than likely won't ever make it to all time highs again and could end up being scooped up via M&A's. Time will tell...
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1Q Earnings... I'm not ready!
My last company ($NNOX) finally reported year end numbers last week, and we are already gearing up for 1st Q reports again.

I'm gonna need more than a month break between earnings season guys! 😅🤣

$MGNI reports on Star Wars Day... May the 4th be with us 😊


US Portfolio February Results:
Performance YTD: -22.24% vs SPY: -8.05%
Portfolio By Weight:
$SE - 16.88%
$NVDA - 13.39%
$DDOG - 12.51%
$PLTR - 10.75%
$ZS - 8.03%
$SQ- 6.77%
$TTD - 4.11%
$ABNB - 4.40%
$MGNI - 3.93%
$GOOG - 3.91%
$DOCN - 3.77%
$TSLA - 3.70%
$OPEN - 3.37%
$MQ - 2.60%
$QQQ - 1.07%

Rough start to the the year for the portfolio my largest position $SE down 35% YTD (It was 22% of my portfolio in November last year) which has accelerated the losses. It releases earnings in the morning, i'm hoping for the trend to change.
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Market's Closed
What are all you US investors doing with your day off from the Markets today?

Outside of the usual 9-5 duties, I'm getting ready for another week of earnings; primarily $TDOC $SQ $LMND $MGNI

Could have a few other microcaps who haven't announced a date sneak in there this week as well.

Beyond that, I'm enjoying the extra day of peace from the recent market volatility. 😊

Hi Parrot :)

I've starting a book that has been on my reading list for a while- A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel.

Always best to get prepared for another earnings week! Out of the four you have listed which would you say your most excited for and why ? Also would be helpful to know which one you perhaps are slightly anxious about.
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 21th - 25th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Several very interesting reports coming up. Here's what I'll be looking forward to.

  • $MELI - How much did inflation impact their logistics margins?
  • $SQ - Cash App Users and Revenue Growth
  • $COIN - I think they will deliver a monster quarter. Crypto volatility should incentivize trading, driving commissions revenue above forecast.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.




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