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My Portfolio: 08/02/22 -- A Battle for 2nd
With $SHW (of all stocks) bombing after earnings and $PINS (of all stocks) jumping, my 2-4 spots are jostling around.

Pinterest, $TDOC, and $ME scare me allocation-wise, but not enough to sell any yet.

  1. $KNSL - Firing on all cylinders, 30%+, profitable growth in insurance is bananas.
  2. $PINS - All about ARPU and shoppable content -- doing what it needs to for now.
  3. $ABNB - Reporting earnings tonight -- curious to see any new product ideas/tweaks.
  4. $SHW - Dreaded supply chain issues -- will be safe long term.
  5. $BTC.X - Just holding 🤷‍♂️
  6. $U - This may sound dramatic, but the $IS deal could be make-or-break -- need more time.
  7. $NDAQ - SaaS and ARR operations continue expanding -- AntiFin crime investment for me.
  8. $V - Steady as ever, as dull of dividend growth play as I had hoped so far.
  9. $TTD - Looking pretty interesting at today's prices, especially with the $DIS deal.
  10. $ZTS - Another boring pick seeming to execute well -- animal wellness play.
  11. $TDOC - Oh boy. Not adding to the position currently. Not dead, but not worth any new money. The thesis is intact for the most part but not nearly as bright.
  12. $ME - Probably over-allocated to this one, but still an exciting idea when looking decades out. It needs to manage its cash burn better, though. What will happen post $GSK?
Which allocation scares you the most?
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I hold $U also and it definitely isn't too dramatic to say the $IS acquisition will only bolster or break the thesis. If management can't pull this off, it'll be major dilution with nothing to show for it. A massive setback and a loss of trust in the executives in my book. However, a successful integration could cement Unity's place as an industry-leader.
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2021 Lessons Learned: Trading/Speculation Turned Buy&Hold
I learned a lot in 2021 - had many losers with sizable losses $VMEO $IAC (call) $GEVO $ME $CTXR
I'm forgetting some
$FIGS turned out to be a loser but I sold at a gain

But a handful of trades made up for the losses, nearly double $AABB $GRTS $GME (short)
Those were the main ones

Lesson: a couple winners can make up for many losers. Luck also plays a big role, especially for short term speculation

Given up a big chunk of 2021 gains through 2022 already. We'll see how we end the year though, I think I'm decently positioned. Majority of my portfolio is in profitable growers at reasonable valuations. Have decent portion allotted to potential multibaggers

Profitable growers at reasonable valuation: $GOOGL $PUBM $FB $EVVTY $LEAT
This portion makes up 79% of my portfolio

Unprofitable potential multibaggers: $TUEM $SLGC $NAUT
This portion makes up 21% of my portfolio
Hi @logicalthesis, welcome to Commonstock! Thanks for sharing some of what you've learned recently. I like that you're seeing learning opportunities in both your winners and losers!
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4 Additions, 1 Reduction in Custodial Account
I reduced my daughter's position in $APPH after it rose over 100% in just the last month.

I still like the business, but it is genuinely high-risk, and I wanted to simplify her portfolio.

With that cash and new money added, I bought more $TTD, $ME, and $LTCH -- while also starting a position in $SMLR.

23andMe and Latch are high-risk too, but I follow them more closely and see a more straightforward path to long-term success than AppHarvest.

Meanwhile, Trade Desk's opportunity speaks for itself, and Semler Scientific was one put on my radar by @brianferoldi and @brianstoffel. Starter position to get some skin in the game and remember it by.
What differences are there between how you incest the custodial acct vs your own acct? I have a kiddo now and have started investing for him. Curious to learn from a fellow dad!
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My Portfolio: 02/08/22
I am slightly nervous about having chased the likes of $TDOC $CPNG $PINS $LTCH $ME and $APPH as I don't usually add to losers. However, much of the growth market has been losers, so it's hard to avoid.

I will be building out some positions in companies not seen on this list to take advantage of the growth sell-off. $ZM $SHOP $DOCU $DOCN to highlight a few, maybe even $PYPL once the dust settles.
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Closed 3 positions: $NFLX, $SNOW, $ME
Today, we closed 3 trade positions in #Capfolio

$NFLX +9%
$SNOW +8%
$ME +5%

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