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Stock Buys - Tuesday 5/3/22
My stock buys for today, doing some more DCA while the market is down. Mostly Dividend stocks with the odd growth stock thrown in.

$SMG- this is one of my 'picks and shovels' cannabis plays, unfortunately it's been taking a beating, DCA down
$SCHH - DCA down on this REIT ETF
$LTC - DCA down on this REIT
$JACK - DCA down
$OTLY - DCA down (way down) from IPO purchase

Going to keep an eye on my trackers see what pops up throughout the day.
+1 for $SMG. Been holding and adding since early 2017. Hawthorne's recent struggles are a little concerning but even $GRWG is struggling so it seems to be industry-wide, not Hawthorne specific.
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Portfolio end of February 202




+wikifolio „Zukunftsbranchen“
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Portfolio End of November '21
(descending order)


New: $MBR


+ wikifolio (ISIN: DE000LS9L8H9)
Love the $ETH exposure. Need to research YSN and EPSI. I'll be interested to see if regulation impacts META or AMZN at all this coming year.
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Let's talk about the losers!!! 😭
We often talk about only winners, and to the audience, it probably seems like every stock is gonna go up. And, when we disclose about our losing stock - we end up giving reasons behind the fall and make it up saying oh I'll add because of conviction. But, we proudly show the winning stocks and rarely show the losing stock. I have been guilty of it.

What I can bet is no investor in the world has ever been green on all of their stocks. I am pretty sure they have closed at least one security on red.

I love being transparent, showing ups and downs, showing not all plays will be profitable and the goal is to offset losers with bigger winners.

List of my losing stocks:

I am significantly down on $LTC, $BTI, and $UL with 13%, 7%, and 7% down respectively. I am also down in the range of 4%-2% on stocks like $AGNC, $MMM, $ABBV, and $BEN. My recent purchases in the income fund ($NUSI, $QYLD, and $JEPI) have incurred an unrealized loss of over 1%. My total loss is $6,450.

I however am lucky to have gained significantly in other stocks like $U (+54%), $COST (+23.73%), $MSFT (+23.27%), $JPM, $STAG, $WM, $AAPL, $NRZ (+20% to +15%).

The game plan:
The game plan is to not incur a loss in the portfolio even if there are few red stocks. So, that's what I am doing right now. That's what I am doing as the well total gain is around $35,796.04, the net profit being $ 29,345.67. The gain from the top three gainers ($+7,392.80) offsets all of the losses of $6,450.
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The Crypto Hypocrisy
To start, I am bullish on crypto currencies as a whole. I am (and have been) long $BTC $ETH and just re entered a position into $LTC.

I am what you call a crypto bull but that doesn’t mean I have internal bearish thoughts. I truly believe every intelligent investor should be constantly thinking of bear cases for their positions and constantly be reevaluating the cases over and over.

With this over the many years I have seen hypocritical positions by crypto bulls that conflict with each other when it comes to their cryptocurrency being a store of value vs. being a currency that is exchanged frequently.

It looks like this online sometimes:

“Everyone buy this crypto currency & never sell or give it to anyone, but it will be the currency of the future and everyone will be exchanging or purchasing goods with it, also it’s for the common person but I hope Amazon buys a ton of it so it pumps…”

If you don’t see this hypocrisy of bulls you haven’t been in the crypto space long enough. This has been going on for years.

My issue is it’s very hard to be a true store of value and an everyday currency at the same time. I also don’t know which one is better to be.

If you feel this hypocrisy and see it online as much as I do - what are your thoughts? Do you think my way of thinking is wrong?

Would love to have a conversation
I think it is so early in the game it is hard to decide what it is actually going to be, a store of value, or exchange currency. Right now it seems like $BTC.X is being used for both, but we will see where it goes from there, one will prevail
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