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Portfolio end of June '22 (descending order)

Epsilon Net Group $EPSIL.AT
Secunet Security Networks $YSN.DE
Evolution $EVVTY
Leatt Corp. $LEAT
Kaspi $KSPI
Grodno SA $GRN.WA
Amazon $AMZN
Meta $META
Media and Games Invest $MDGIF
Alphabet $GOOG
Centrotec SE $CEV.HM
IDT Corp. $IDT
Digital Turbine $APPS
Tremor International $TRMR
Passus SA $PAS.WA
Booking Holdings $BKNG
Steico SE $ST5.DE
Kambi $KAMBI
Mynaric $MYNA
Unity Software $U
Tencent Holdings $TCEHY
Alibaba Group $BABA
Nvidia $NVDA
SEA Ltd. $SE
Adobe $ADBE
Monster Beverage $MNST
Spotify $SPOT

New: $CEV.HM. Sold: $INPST


Ethereum $ETH.X
Bitcoin $BTC.X
Litecoin $LTC.X
Yield Guild Games $YGG.X
Enjin $ENJ.X
Cardano $ADA.X
Bitcoin Cash $BCH.X
Polkadot $DOT.X
Nice crypto basket there, how do you tend to view the more obscure ones, as moonshots?
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The Market Stock Pitching Game is this Wednesday, June 22nd @ 10am PST / 1:00pm EST!
"The Market" stock pitching game is a bracket-style elimination tournament for investors.

Six brave contestants will each give a three minute pitch on an investment idea.

Quality discussion ensues—

The audience decides the best pitch of the day!

Here's an example of the kind of discussion that goes down at the game: VIDEO

Sign up to get the Zoom link for the game HERE

Here's the awesome lineup!:

@market.original — pitching CoreCard $CCRD
@mavix — pitching Leatt $LEAT
@stockgeek — pitching Dropbox $DBX
@growthinvesting — pitching Palantir $PLTR

What is the best investment idea of the month? The Market will decide!
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Leatt Corporation - The science of Thrill $LEAT
#3 of my substack Under-Followed-Stocks is about $LEAT:
Investment summary:
  • designer and developer of award winning protection gear
  • cutting edge development with 98 patents granted or in process
  • global industry leader in neck brace market
  • Management with skin in the game
  • 3Y Revenue CAGR of 37 % and net income CAGR of 108 %
  • LTM EV/EBIT of 6.2 and P/E of 8.8
You can read the full write-up here:

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Portfolio ende of May '22
(descending order)





$BCH (not bought, found it in an old wallet LOL)

+wikifolio „Zukunftsbranchen“
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Stock Review: $LEAT
  • They recently released a great FY 2021 report. Record growth.
  • I’m now watching this one closely. If the market was in a better condition, I’d buy this stock.
  • Their 2021 revenue, net income, and EPS all beat 2020. (They’ve been growing Y/Y since 2017)
  • CEO gave great guidance for 2022.
2017: $20.1M
2018: $24.4M
2019: $28.3M
2020: $38.6M
2021: $72.5M
2017: $237.3K
2018: $1.2M
2019: $1.4M
2020: $4.4M
2021: $12.6M

2017: 0.04
2018: 0.22
2019: 0.26
2020: 0.82
2021: 2.29
$129.4M. Small cap. Lots of room for rapid stock price (and overall company) growth.
From CEO: “2021 was an absolutely exceptional year for Leatt, led by strong financial performance and global brand development in the context of surging demand for our innovative award-winning products. We closed out the year with a strong fourth quarter, the strongest quarter in our history in terms of revenue. Revenues for the fourth quarter of 2021 increased to $23.2 million, up 82%, compared to $12.7 million for the fourth quarter of 2020. We have now achieved record-breaking revenues for six consecutive quarters.

Our goals are to continue to refine our product categories to deliver exceptional products to a wider community of riders and to gain market share through product innovation and brand engagement. Many of our categories that have launched well are still in their infancy and show great potential to contribute to exponential growth.

We still have a lot of work to do to remain at the forefront of product innovation and invest in building a global consumer brand in a competitive environment, but we are enthused by our team’s resilience and our ability to gain market share, which we expect will continue in 2022 and beyond.”

Leatt Corp. is the global distributor of the Leatt-Brace®, a revolutionary neck protection system for all helmeted sports. The main area of focus is the prevention of neck injuries in persons wearing a crash helmet, for whatever purpose.

No. I could not locate any external factor that alone heavily affects their earnings.
Price has increased from $1.58 to $22.50 since April 2020.

To hear about more high-potential stocks EARLY, long before they produce life-changing returns.
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2021 Lessons Learned: Trading/Speculation Turned Buy&Hold
I learned a lot in 2021 - had many losers with sizable losses $VMEO $IAC (call) $GEVO $ME $CTXR
I'm forgetting some
$FIGS turned out to be a loser but I sold at a gain

But a handful of trades made up for the losses, nearly double $AABB $GRTS $GME (short)
Those were the main ones

Lesson: a couple winners can make up for many losers. Luck also plays a big role, especially for short term speculation

Given up a big chunk of 2021 gains through 2022 already. We'll see how we end the year though, I think I'm decently positioned. Majority of my portfolio is in profitable growers at reasonable valuations. Have decent portion allotted to potential multibaggers

Profitable growers at reasonable valuation: $GOOGL $PUBM $FB $EVVTY $LEAT
This portion makes up 79% of my portfolio

Unprofitable potential multibaggers: $TUEM $SLGC $NAUT
This portion makes up 21% of my portfolio
Hi @logicalthesis, welcome to Commonstock! Thanks for sharing some of what you've learned recently. I like that you're seeing learning opportunities in both your winners and losers!
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$LEAT Q4 & FY 2021 results
$LEAT Q4 & FY '21 results:
▫️Revenue +82%
▫️net income +115%
▫️strongest quarter in history
▫️Revenue +88%
▫️net income +184%
▫️EPS +179%
We are enthused by our teams resilience and our ability to gain market share, which we will continue in 2022 and beyond
Revenue up 88 % while
Sales & Marketing up 0.15 %
This is Power of the brand! 🥰

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Portfolio end of February 202




+wikifolio „Zukunftsbranchen“
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