This Weeks Trades
Wow, what a week. Both my income and growth portfolios are fully in the red for the first time. There are some great buying opportunities out there and I will continue adding to my income portfolio when a company meets my criteria and price range. Holding off adding growth stocks at the moment, looking for some positive momentum.

Income Portfolio: Trailing stop hit on my position in $VLO so completely out of this trade now for a 99% return since Aug 2021. Opened new positions in $EGP $EXR $KMI and $AVY. Collected dividends on $WHR $NEE $HDV and $SDIV

Growth Portfolio: Trailing stop hit on $ENPH for a 16% return. I will likely look to add back at some point as I see great potential in this company over the longer term. Trimmed some of my $AMWL shares, and will look to sell more when the price is right.

Speculative: No adds or sells but my holdings of $CRSP finally turned green so that is pleasing
Housing Starts, Beige Book, Earnings: Daily Contrarian, April 20
Good morning contrarians! Netflix ($NFLX) is tanking after the company posted disappointing subscriber figures, taking streaming competitors with it…

Several earnings up today: Anthem ($ANTM) just beat on top- and bottom-line estimates. Later this morning we’ll hear from Baker Hughes ($BKR) , Abbott Labs ($ABT), and Procter & Gamble ($PG) .

After the close this afternoon we’ll get Alcoa ($AA) , United Airlines ($UAL), Kinder Morgan ($KMI), and Tesla ($TSLA). Of course Tesla has to report on 4/20.

Read all about it, or listen to the podcast here:
Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 17-21th)
Hey guys! Here's next week's upcoming earnings calendar!

The most important thing I'm interested in is if there's a change of character relative to the past earnings season. Growth stocks got hammered last time. Hopefully this quarter the worst has been priced in and companies are evaluated on their actual results.

Some other things I'm interested in:
  • $PG - Are sales numbers still strong? Has supply chain inflation persisted?
  • $NFLX - Streaming trends over the past quarter. (I hold $ROKU and a bit of $FUBO)
  • $UAL and $AAL - Comments on the Omicron variant and corporate travel demand.
  • $PNC $BAC $KEY - Insights on the economy. December retail sales were down, so we'll see if banks also point to weak consumers.

What are you guys interested in?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.

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Any thoughts on Kinder Morgan ($KMI )?
Looks like a layup. Been cheaper but it’s not going anywhere plus almost 7% dividend yield + buybacks?
My favorite trade from this past month? Sold ~40% of my $ZION holdings at 68/share.

I still like the stock but it had more than doubled since I purchased it so I took the opportunity to take some profits in the form of LT gains. In fact I was able to recoup the entire investment.

What did I do with the proceeds? This has not worked out so well so far:

Created a position in $EHC at ~62 and $WEN ~21.50
Added to my $V and $KMI holdings (and maybe some others. Can’t remember rn)
Fugly day for my portfolio. $V selling off again. $CLX as well. Those are my two largest positions.

Then you have $TDOC. Thought I was out of the woods there. Nope.

Purchasing $ATVI not looking very smart either. $DKNG continues to drop. So does $NWL and $KMI and $WEN. Those are all recent acquisitions.

It's all good. First of all a reminder to be humble. Secondly, I'm in this for the long haul and hold positions for years. So will take the opportunity to add selectively to these dips
Featured earnings for the week of Oct 18
Earnings season (finally) getting into full gear!

So many interesting companies announcing earnings next week. Here are is the Fincredible Featured list. View all here.

Here are some I own / or particularly interested in

$JNJ - very interested to see results in the medical devices segment. Specifically are their signs of closing the gap with $ISRG with their new platform and are elective surgeries coming back

$ISRG - flip side of the $JNJ narrative. I love it when competitors announce close to each other :)

$NFLX - international subscriber numbers

$T - update on discovery spin-off, dividend and 5G capex

$XM - $MNTV is my top 3 holding based on thesis they are making inroads in enterprise market, which $XM dominates. Big enough market for both but want some context.

A few companies like $PG on inflation numbers, but I suspect @awallis will be kinda enough to provide a MacroTalk update on this topic again

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Evolving the Way I Invest
The CommonStock community is an amazing resource. This is a place where you can reach out to really smart people and have in-depth conversations about what drives your investing decisions.

Case in point, I had a conversation with @stocknovice that convinced me to evolve the way I invest.

Up until now, I have seem my competitive advantage in investing as having a longer time-horizon than everyone else. When I buy, I tell myself I’ll hold forever. Over time, as I’ve added new positions to my portfolio and (almost) never sold, it has ballooned to 92 different companies.

For my first seven years of investing, this strategy worked great because as a beginner I learned a lot about different industries and companies. My skin in the game kept me motivated to keep tabs on a wide variety of business situations. But now that the portfolio is so large, it’s impossible to keep up with every position.

The top 15 companies have grown to be 30% of the portfolio, while the bottom 15 companies are so small that even if they 6x’ed tomorrow, I would hardly notice.

A good piece of advice is: “If you’re going to break your own rules, you should at least have a really good reason why”

I am going to sell 15 of the bottom companies in my portfolio on Monday because if a company has proven my investment thesis wrong, there isn’t a reason to keep holding onto it. This principal takes priority over holding on for holding’s sake.

The companies I’ll be selling are:

I'll still have a pretty unwieldily portfolio, but I think its a step in the right direction for where I'm at.

Thanks to @stocknovice and the CommonStock community for the discussion and gentle yet logical nudges towards continuous critical thinking.
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Yeah, while I think for a beginner it is a good idea to diversify initially, as you learn I think it's prudent to trim the companies that are clearly not able to perform as well as your highest conviction stocks.
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