$IBM Q4.2021 πŸ“Š Results
Hello fellow investors πŸ‘‹
Here we go, starting the week of Earning reports for the companies in my dividend portfolio. I will comment on each report; just due to the volume, I will not do it in "real-time." πŸ˜‚

Today's one is $IBM πŸ’Ύ

πŸ”— link to the presentation: https://cutt.ly/MI22ckJ

Let's start by saying that $IBM beat the expectation for both EPS and Revenues, sending the stock price up +4% in after-hours (now less, unfortunately)

Numbers were positive this quarter, a sign that MAYBE the new management, after the $KD spinoff, is on the right track to turn the ship around.

It is hard to interpret such numbers anyway cause the company went through a restructuring that makes it confusing to compare with the past, at least for me.

I am Long $IBM, and I will keep my shares: the company generates enough cash flow, so my dividend is safe.

I will remain at the windows, waiting at least one year before deciding if this is a company I want to keep for a longer term or if it's better to let it go.

Do you invest in IBM?
Are you happy with the results?
Tell us in the comments. πŸ‘‡

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