July DRIP Summary
DRIP portfolio: +7.92%
SPY: +8.23%

Top buckets:
Semiconductors: +19.99%
Technology: +11.98%
Industrials: +11.20%

Bottom buckets:
Healthcare: +1.19%
Space&Defense: +0.89%

Top 5 winners across the portfolio:
$MRVL +29.88%
$ASML +28.86%
$LRCX +27.64%
$ROK +27.13%
$NVDA +25.95%

Top 5 losers across the portfolio:
$IIPR -13.6%
$ABBV -8.07%
$RTX -3.41%
$JNJ -3.23%
$LMT -2.49%
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Our newsletter this week
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  • Data that CEOs are seeing does not suggest that a downturn is imminent
  • PE and VCs with record amounts of dry powder
  • AT&T saw some delays in collections of payments

Companies covered:

Johnson & Johnson Q2 earnings report
Yesterday's $JNJ Q2 earnings report: Johnson & Johnson beats on revenue and earnings, but cuts FY guidance because of a strong dollar.

Revenue: $24B vs $23.3B +3.0% 🟢
EPS: $1.80 vs $2.35 -23.4% 🔴
Non-GAAP EPS: $2.59 vs $2.48 + 4.4% 🟢
Shares: -1.46% yesterday 🔴
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JNJ, Netflix Highlight a Busy Day for Earnings. Also Housing Starts
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are up a bit ahead of a busy day for earnings…

$JNJ $LMT $HAS $HAL are among the earnings highlights in the premarket. After the close we’ll hear from $NFLX

New residential construction is out at 0830. Housing data has been moving steadily lower. Yesterday’s NAHB Housing Market Index fell well short of estimates and printed at its lowest level since before the pandemic. In fact, it was the largest single month drop in the index’s 30-year history with the exception of April 2020.

For whatever reason this didn’t spook the market. Presumably because the housing slowdown is a known thing with mortgages effectively trebling over the last 18 months. Still, one would think the velocity of the slowdown might give investors pause before allocating to risk assets.

But then fortune favors the bold, to quote Matt Damon. He should know. He cashed in on cryptos at the peak. Be like Matt Damon.

Full report and podcast available here:
Upcoming earnings
Earnings season is heating up 🔥 Only two companies are reporting from my selection of high-quality companies next week. The week after that will be crazy with big tech reporting and the FED rate hike 😬
Tue: $JNJ
Thu: $DPZ

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90% Investor
My profile claims I am 90% Investor / 10% Trader.
My experience in the 10% is relatively limited but I have enjoyed the ups and downs while documenting lessons learned and understanding the variety of strategies. Thus far, my posts have been devoted to this 10% because it is new & exciting for me... but what about the other 90%??

On this side of things, it's pretty quiet.
Before going majority cash, I bought solid/established/quality names ($MSFT, $JNJ, $TGT, $T) or index/thematic ETFs ($QQQM, $SPY, $BUG) and forgot about them. Boring, right?
I look forward to when the market bottoms and starts to turn the corner to put 90% of my money back to work.

With that said, I would like to briefly touch on 2 high conviction holdings that have survived my move to cash.

1) $ZIM (sea-freight shipping/logistics company)

With all the supply chain challenges, shipping rates have soared and ZIM has been a FCF monster. They IPO'd in early 2021 and have been rising ever since. The company recently held their Q1 results announcing a 10% increase in full-year 2022 EBITDA guidance and a $2.85/share dividend. Perhaps most importantly, the company believes this environment will maintain throughout 2022 (and may extend into 2023):

Fairly volatile price action which makes it appealing for buying/selling shares or options (only CSP's or CC's for me!).

2) $ASTS (Satellite 5G direct to smart phones)

This one is more speculative.
In a nutshell: they are launching a large satellite array (named Bluewalker 3 - BW3) soon ("this summer") that will test 5G service from space directly to existing smartphone hardware. I believe the recent price action (current price ~$7.00) is partly due to the expectation that a date was to be announced at their Q1 earnings call (it wasn't).

Following successful BW3 launch and testing, a series of "BlueBird" satellites are planned that will provide service to actual customers.

I may be wrong on this but, for the 1st time, I noticed new names (Scotia Bank & Morgan Stanley) on the Q1 call. Looking into it, Scotia Bank actually released a May 9th report titled "Space Mobile: If Successful, BW3 Could Disrupt Global Tower Industry Within 20weeks". Deutsche Bank is one of the first banks to cover the company and recently adjusted their price target to $31.00 (down from $32.00). I expect Morgan Stanley to initiate coverage in the near future.

Additionally, the company seems to be making good progress on all fronts:
  • Backed by American Tower & Rakuten
  • Allegedly on track to complete their "Site 2" facility this year (designed to manufacture 6 "BlueBird" satellites per month)
  • Granted experimental license by the FCC for BW3 launch / testing
  • MOU's with strategic telecom providers ($TEO, $T, $LILA, $TEF, $AMX, $TIGO, $VOD, $MTN.JO, $ORAN)

Keep Treading!
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As we all know, ESG is a total joke and only exists to make certain investors feel better about themselves.
The S&P 500 ESG Index rebalancing once again shows that the criteria don’t make much sense.
Companies on the exclusion list: $TSLA, $BRK.B, $JNJ, $FB, $COST, etc. 😂
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👏🏻 for calling it how you see it. I agree, ESG is a nice theory but it has seemingly devolved into a game of politics. To your point.. taking $TSLA off? What? Lol it’s the leading EV pioneer if that’s not green what is?
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Earning Presentations 📊
Last 2 weeks of Earning Presentations for the stocks in my portfolio.
Maybe some of you can be interested in 👇

Johnson & Johnson $JNJ

Lockheed Martin $LMT

Procter & Gamble $PG


Sonoco Products $SON

Genuine Parts Co. $GPC

Kimberly-Clark $KMB (report only)

Verizon $VZ (infographic)

Coca-Cola $KO (report only)

PepsiCo. $PEP (report only)

Archer Daniels Midland $ADM


Kraft-Heinz $KHC

Microsoft $MSFT (ppt presentation)

Essex Property Trust $ESS (report only)

AvalonBay $AVB

The Southern Company $SO

Qualcomm $QCOM

Altria $MO

Intel $INTC

McDonald’s $MCD (report only)

Now without Fincredible, I need to do the dirty work myself 🤣