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Top Gainers Today: $MSFT, $V, $MA, $BABA, $BHP, $BKNG, $JD, $FCX, $PDD, $DDOG, $RIVN, $GFS, $NIO, $CSGP, $ENPH, $LI, $TECK, $ZTO, $BEKE, $TER
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$MSFT - Microsoft Corporation - Software - Infrastructure - $2116.95B - %Chg: 5.67%

$V - Visa Inc. - Credit Services - $441.16B - %Chg: 9.88%

$MA - Mastercard Incorporated - Credit Services - $349.87B - %Chg: 8.21%

$BABA - Alibaba Group Holding Limited - Internet Retail - $234.87B - %Chg: 5.55%

$BHP - BHP Group Limited - Other Industrial Metals & Mining - $180.69B - %Chg: 5.03%

$BKNG - Booking Holdings Inc. - Travel Services - $89.83B - %Chg: 5.30%

$JD -, Inc. - Internet Retail - $83.80B - %Chg: 8.56%

$FCX - Freeport-McMoRan Inc. - Copper - $69.60B - %Chg: 5.70%

$PDD - Pinduoduo Inc. - Internet Retail - $46.68B - %Chg: 9.67%

$DDOG - Datadog, Inc. - Software - Application - $41.65B - %Chg: 5.30%

$RIVN - Rivian Automotive, Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $29.78B - %Chg: 5.30%

$GFS - GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. - Semiconductors - $27.60B - %Chg: 5.40%

$NIO - NIO Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $26.55B - %Chg: 6.23%

$CSGP - CoStar Group, Inc. - Real Estate Services - $24.52B - %Chg: 6.95%

$ENPH - Enphase Energy, Inc. - Solar - $24.13B - %Chg: 12.10%

$LI - Li Auto Inc. - Auto Manufacturers - $23.31B - %Chg: 7.00%

$TECK - Teck Resources Limited - Other Industrial Metals & Mining - $21.86B - %Chg: 10.41%

$ZTO - ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. - Integrated Freight & Logistics - $21.77B - %Chg: 7.80%

$BEKE - KE Holdings Inc. - Real Estate Services - $18.10B - %Chg: 6.25%

$TER - Teradyne, Inc. - Semiconductor Equipment & Materials - $17.99B - %Chg: 5.63%
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Tiger Cubs Had a Q1 to Forget
Tiger Cubs, or students of Julian Robertson, faced a challenging Q1 as high growth tech names took a beating. Chase Coleman's Tiger Global incurred a 33.7% loss. His largest position, $JD, declined by 15% during the quarter. Meanwhile, the fund's third largest position, $SE, took a 46% fall.

In a letter to shareholders obtained by Bloomberg, Tiger Global stated that:

“In hindsight, we should have sold more shares across our portfolio in 2021 than we did.”

However, not all Tiger Cubs faced a similar fate. The resource-focused Impala Asset Management managed a 27.5% return with its Resource Fund and an 11% return with its Flagship Fund. Here are the fund's largest positions as of Q4:

On top of that, Karthik Sarma's SRS Investment Management closed out a 9.6% return, which was accelerated with $CAR as the fund's largest position. The car rental company returned 30% during Q1 and makes up a massive 61.39% of SRS's holdings

The deadline for Q1 13F filings to be submitted to the SEC is May 16th, so it will be interesting to see how/if these funds adjust their positions.
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Discussion on China 🇨🇳
I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on China and if it is “investable” at this point. Anyone who has owned $BABA or $JD over the past year has come to learn the importance of geopolitical risk.

The last two weeks have seen both of these on a nice run but I am skeptical if the dynamics have actually changed. I especially think $BABA is a fantastic company, however, I sold it last year (50% luck and 50% foresight) due to concerns I had with Chinas tech crackdown and Taiwan.

Please layout your thoughts on the current state in the comments I’d love to hear them!
I believe China realized the potential economic hardships with SEC scrutiny , war siding , covid lockdowns etc and quickly made corrections to be more compatible with markets.

I am in and out of $CWEB leverage China internet ETF many times. Should have added more position when $CWEB was less than $4. If sentiment is growing better in the coming months then $CWEB or $YINN will be multi-baggers (to infinity ;) )
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🗞 on China
📌 China made a strong push to stabilize financial markets, promising to ease a regulatory crackdown, support property and technology companies and stimulate the economy.
📌 As per China's Vice Premier Liu talks between China and the US on foreign listings have made progress.
Markets are moving 💹💹
It will be interesting if their actions follow the lip service... Lot of room for a rebound if true
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (March 7th - 11th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! I'm interested in:

  • $ZIM - Comments on their outlook for shipping prices.
  • $CRWD - Another stellar earnings report and I'll probably start a position in this company.
  • $MQ - How fast are their non-$SQ revenues growing?

Which earnings report are you looking forward to?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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