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For those investors who are looking for an edge or new investment ideas, have a look at the below baby whale. 👇

Registered Investment Advisor | AUM: $30.5 million | Largest Holding: TWST 35.22%

Nanodimension fund’s holdings are 100% concentrated in the Healthcare sector, with nearly 75% of the entire portfolio allocated in two stocks, $TWST and $ICVX; the two positions have been held since Q4 2021, but they have crashed by 67% and 79% (based on the estimated avg price paid), respectively.

$TWST, with a market cap of $2.4B, is burning cash fast, and it’s miles away from breaking even. On the contrary, $ICVX is still in the early stages of development following its IPO and has a market cap of just $306.3M.
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