Crazy talk from Cathie Wood again πŸ™„
One thing that bugs me: IMO, AGI will most likely come from one of the big tech companies. Why? Because you need:
  • the best AI researchers
  • high AI R&D funding
  • lots of data
  • lots of computing
  • billions to burn without going bankrupt
That means investing in $GOOG, $FB, $MSFT and maybe $TSLA, $IBM, $AAPL and $NVDA.
If ARK Invest believes in AGI and wants its investors to profit from it, they should be positioned in all of these companies. However, they are not. Seems counterproductive to me.
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Earning Presentations πŸ“Š
Last 2 weeks of Earning Presentations for the stocks in my portfolio.
Maybe some of you can be interested in πŸ‘‡

Johnson & Johnson $JNJ

Lockheed Martin $LMT

Procter & Gamble $PG


Sonoco Products $SON

Genuine Parts Co. $GPC

Kimberly-Clark $KMB (report only)

Verizon $VZ (infographic)

Coca-Cola $KO (report only)

PepsiCo. $PEP (report only)

Archer Daniels Midland $ADM


Kraft-Heinz $KHC

Microsoft $MSFT (ppt presentation)

Essex Property Trust $ESS (report only)

AvalonBay $AVB

The Southern Company $SO

Qualcomm $QCOM

Altria $MO

Intel $INTC

McDonald’s $MCD (report only)

Now without Fincredible, I need to do the dirty work myself 🀣
Is Your Portfolio in Need of Repair?
It's great to be on the platform and hello to all our fellow investors! In our YouTube market update, we discuss three stocks we think could be part of a recovery strategy: $KHC $BBY $IBM. All three offer solid passive income through high dividend yields.

To watch this week's update, head to
Let us know what you think! We value the feedback of other investors!

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What to watch for the week of 4/18/22
Earnings season is in full swing, and the spotlight turns to an array of blue-chip companies across multiple sectors. Despite the numerous upcoming earnings reports, Elon Musk's pursuit of Twitter (TWTR) could still be the top watch this week, with new twists anticipated after the company responded to his hostile takeover bid with a β€œpoison pill” strategy. Some analysts believe that Twitter is unlikely to recapture its all-time-high of $80.75 per share from last year, and that a deal with Musk or another buyer may be the best strategy.
As jam packed as this week may be, the biggest driver of the overall market will likely be the continued pessimism of interest rates, inflation and war in Europe. Analysts will be sifting through company commentaries to see how all of these things are impacting the bottom line. Forward guidance could continue to be poor. Companies are going to whine and complain about cost pressures, even when they’re going to report improved results. So that may cause price action to be a little sloppier.
Hopefully this graphic can help you navigate your investing and trading decisions. Save this post for your reference. Save this post for your reference. Also feel free to repost it across your social media accounts. Be sure to follow me and check out my patreon (link in bio) for more graphics like this. Good luck everyone! $SPY $TSLA $NFLX $SNAP $AXP $JNJ $VZ $T $BAC $QQQ $TLRY $IBM $PG
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AMD Earnings Call Highlights!
A few highlights from the $AMD earnings call!

Strong operating leverage:
  • "Annual revenue grew 68% to a record $16.4 billion, and we expanded gross margin for the sixth straight year. We also delivered record net income and EPS, both of which more than doubled year-over-year."

Margin Expansion:
  • "Gross margin was 48%, up 370 basis points from the prior year, driven by the strength and competitiveness of our EPYC, Radeon and Ryzen processors. Operating expenses were 24% of revenue compared to 28% in 2020."

Cloud and Server Growth:
  • "In cloud, revenue more than doubled year-over-year as the largest providers expanded internal deployments and more than 130 new AMD-powered instances launched from Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Google, IBM, Microsoft Azure and others." $AMZN $GOOG $BABA $MSFT $IBM
  • "The growth will be led by server. So from what we see from customers and sort of design wins and platforms and all that, server will be very strong next year."

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$IBM Q4.2021 πŸ“Š Results
Hello fellow investors πŸ‘‹
Here we go, starting the week of Earning reports for the companies in my dividend portfolio. I will comment on each report; just due to the volume, I will not do it in "real-time." πŸ˜‚

Today's one is $IBM πŸ’Ύ

πŸ”— link to the presentation:

Let's start by saying that $IBM beat the expectation for both EPS and Revenues, sending the stock price up +4% in after-hours (now less, unfortunately)

Numbers were positive this quarter, a sign that MAYBE the new management, after the $KD spinoff, is on the right track to turn the ship around.

It is hard to interpret such numbers anyway cause the company went through a restructuring that makes it confusing to compare with the past, at least for me.

I am Long $IBM, and I will keep my shares: the company generates enough cash flow, so my dividend is safe.

I will remain at the windows, waiting at least one year before deciding if this is a company I want to keep for a longer term or if it's better to let it go.

Do you invest in IBM?
Are you happy with the results?
Tell us in the comments. πŸ‘‡

If you like such content, follow me cause I post Earnings Reports and Presentations of all #50 stocks in my portfolio.
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