$HKD High Roller
I see a lot of people doing DD on here, but what's really cool is looking up AMTD Digital seeing the trade chart and finding @jlichy1 who's low key making some real power plays! Props my guy, hoping to join the bandwagon with you next time

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Yea I love seeing data like this, its what makes Commonstock unique. Hoping this data becomes even more powerful or useful for social discovery as more folks join and connect brokerages.
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funniest $HKD wsb-comments:
"Never forget, HKD did more in 1 week than GME ever did in its entire existence"

"Everyone here talking about HKD but in reality most of you cant even afford a share"

"There's a 99.9% chance that Bill Hwang is behind it. Trading from his jail cell"

"WSB went from 0.0 mentions/comments on HKD/AMTD to every f**king comment on it in 2 days"

"Remember HKD apes: diamond hands. Hodl, don't sell. Hedgies are gonna try to shake you out with short ladder attacks, market manipulation, and all sorts of other dirty tricks. DRS and don't sell until it hits $100k. HKD strong together."

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$HKD AMTD Digital Inc. Greatest IPO Ever?
Who doesn't love a good mystery? Especially when it is in a field you're passionate about.

AMTD Digital was listed on the NYSE on July 15 at around $7.80 a share. Current price: $1,679 a share!

This is a Chinese company with $25.1M in revenue in 2021 that markets itself as the digital one-stop shop for all your digital needs.

AMTD has a current market cap of over $139B (B stands for billion not million). That is greater than $PYPL by more than $30M.

PayPal's revenue in 2021 $25,371M

AMTD's revenue in 2021 $25M

The mystery is how on earth did this happen!? It was even trading higher than $WMT at one point yesterday. To add to the mystery the trading volume has been relatively low for the gigantic moves this stock has seen in the past few days.

After doing some deep dives (I read about three articles), I couldn't learn a single thing about why this has happened. The company's own CEO has no idea as well. No news to break, no new updates, they seem puzzled by this. They did say they noticed some "active trading" around their stock. What on earth do they mean by active trading?

Please let me know in the comments below if you have ANY idea what is going on here. I will even take the best guess at this point.

Looking forward to solving this mystery!

P.S. stock is up 2% pre-market...I wouldn't buy this stock in a billion years at this price. Please don't speculate on this one!
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