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SPACS December 2021
Hello Everyone,
Merry Chrismas. I hope you're enjoying some quality time with your friends and family. 🎄
Here are this month's SPACS:

$ACKI — @blackstonegrid, the “market leader in outdoor griddles”
$ZNTE— Eve, “leader in the development of next-generation urban air solutions”
$AACI- Rezolve, a “leader in mobile commerce and engagement”
$NAAC -@telesign, a “leader in digital identity & CPaaS software solutions for global enterprises”
$FOUN@rubicon, “innovator in software-based smart waste and recycling solutions”
$SV — NuScale Power, “provider of transformational small modular nuclear reactor tech”
$GIIX -@planetfootprint, a “sustainability and materials science tech leader”
$GACQ — GP Global + Luminex, to “build a global air care platform”
$HYAC — Biote, a “differentiated medical practice-building business within the hormone optimization space”
$RAM — @infinitebysuku, a “leading metaverse infrastructure platform for brands”
$IMPX —  LiveWire, “Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle division”
$SVFC — @symbotictweet, a “revolutionary AI-enabled tech platform for the supply chain”
$PRPB — @gettyimages, a “preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace”
$NMMC- @corcentric, a “leading B2B network that transforms how companies purchase, pay, and get paid”
$VGII —  @grovecollab, a “leading sustainable consumer products co.” [
$FOXW— Aerami Therapeutics
$OACB —  Alvotech, a “biosimilar platform focused on the development and manufacture of high-quality biosimilar medicines”
$PTOC— @tomorrowio_, the “world’s weather and climate security platform”
$APSG - American Express Global Business Travel, the “world’s leading B2B travel platform”
$BOAS - Selina, the “fastest-growing experiential brand targeting Millennial and Gen-Z travelers”
$ACTD - OPAL Fuels, a “leading vertically integrated producer/distributor of renewable natural gas”
$CFVI - @rumblevideo, the “neutral video platform”
$SCLE - @voltusinc, the “leading distributed energy resource software tech platform”

In regards to IPOs, not many to highlight aside from $HCP HashiCorp, and that Reddit has confidentially filed to go public via IPO.

For more details about what has happened in the last 12 months. ⤵️

Good luck in 2022!
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