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  • Data that CEOs are seeing does not suggest that a downturn is imminent
  • PE and VCs with record amounts of dry powder
  • AT&T saw some delays in collections of payments

Companies covered:

JNJ, Netflix Highlight a Busy Day for Earnings. Also Housing Starts
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are up a bit ahead of a busy day for earnings…

$JNJ $LMT $HAS $HAL are among the earnings highlights in the premarket. After the close we’ll hear from $NFLX

New residential construction is out at 0830. Housing data has been moving steadily lower. Yesterday’s NAHB Housing Market Index fell well short of estimates and printed at its lowest level since before the pandemic. In fact, it was the largest single month drop in the index’s 30-year history with the exception of April 2020.

For whatever reason this didn’t spook the market. Presumably because the housing slowdown is a known thing with mortgages effectively trebling over the last 18 months. Still, one would think the velocity of the slowdown might give investors pause before allocating to risk assets.

But then fortune favors the bold, to quote Matt Damon. He should know. He cashed in on cryptos at the peak. Be like Matt Damon.

Full report and podcast available here:
New Residential Construction, Earnings: Daily Contrarian, April 19
Good morning contrarians! It’s a busy morning as corporate earnings trickle in: $JNJ was mixed while maintaining full-year guidance and apparently hiking its dividend. $HAS also mixed though reinstituting its share buyback program. $HAL beat top- and bottom-line forecasts.

At 0830 we’ll get building permits and housing starts from the U.S. Census Bureau. That could be pretty significant where the health of the real estate market is concerned.

This and more is discussed with you in today’s briefing and podcast, now live here:
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 24-28th) - BIG week ahead!
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Definitely a very busy week ahead. Here's what I'll be looking at:

  • $MSFT - Can Azure keep its growth rate? Will a slowdown cause a sell-off similar to the one $NFLX had?
  • $TSLA - Post earnings reaction. This is one of the few high-growth stocks that has shown relative strength. Let's see if this changes post ER.
  • $LOGI - Is demand for gaming peripherals still strong? May be an early indicator of videogaming strength.
  • $AAPL - It's always interesting to hear what Apple is doing.
  • $V - Data on consumer spending.
  • $CVX - General comments on the energy market.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





post media
Featured earnings for the week of Oct 18
Earnings season (finally) getting into full gear!

So many interesting companies announcing earnings next week. Here are is the Fincredible Featured list. View all here.

Here are some I own / or particularly interested in

$JNJ - very interested to see results in the medical devices segment. Specifically are their signs of closing the gap with $ISRG with their new platform and are elective surgeries coming back

$ISRG - flip side of the $JNJ narrative. I love it when competitors announce close to each other :)

$NFLX - international subscriber numbers

$T - update on discovery spin-off, dividend and 5G capex

$XM - $MNTV is my top 3 holding based on thesis they are making inroads in enterprise market, which $XM dominates. Big enough market for both but want some context.

A few companies like $PG on inflation numbers, but I suspect @awallis will be kinda enough to provide a MacroTalk update on this topic again

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Earnings this week
📞 Which calls are you most excited about?

Tuesday, January 19th
$BAC Bank of America
$NFLX Netflix
$SCHW Charles Schwab
$GS Goldman Sachs
$HAL Halliburton

Wednesday, January 20th
$AA Alcoa
$PG Procter & Gamble
$MS Morgan Stanley
$UAL United Airlines

Thursday, January 21st
$INTC Intel
$COST Costco
$INTU Intuit
$CTXS Citrix Systems

Friday, January 22nd
$SLB Schlumberger
$ALLY Ally Financial

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance
Today, I’m watching $GS (~3% position) pre-market and $NFLX (~5% position) after the close.

$GS is a newish position for me that I put on back in October 2020 (avg. cost $249). It serves as a pro cyclical counterweight to my high beta tech names, and benefits from increased m&a and trading tailwinds. I also like thesecondary exposure to Marcus/wealth management, and Goldman’s strong engineering/tech-forward culture.

$NFLX I’ve owned for a few years now (avg. cost $255), and plan to continue holding long-term. They release earnings after market close, and I’ll be closely watching international subscriber growth.
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Earnings this week
Monday, Oct 19th

$IBM International Business Machines

$HAL Haliburton

Tuesday, Oct 20th

$PG Procter and Gamble

$LMT Lockheed Martin

$NFLX Netflix

$PM Philip Morris

$SNAP Snap

Wednesday, Oct 21st

$TSLA Tesla

$VZ Verizon

$CMG Chipotle

Thursday, Oct 22nd

$INTC Intel

$KO Coca-Cola


$VRSN VeriSign

$LUV Southwest

$EXPE Expedia

$AAL American Airlines

Friday, Oct 23rd

$AXP American Express

$GT Goodyear Tire

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance
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