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Portfolio changes - update 10
Hello friends, I got an update for you, now with a rounded number

I decided to sell $AFRM + $PAYC, and here's my thinking:

  • I get a pretty decent exposure to $AFRM anyways through $SHOP, not only are they a sole processor for Shop Pay installments but are also invested in $AFRM, own about 7% of the shares (Class A+B combined)
  • I recognize the power of $SQ's Afterpay in combination with CApp and Square after I watched Block's Investor Day, it's just one well put ecosystem. Afterpay is also a bit larger in terms of GMV and has superior margins.

My overall plan is to just add to $SQ and $SHOP and chill.

When it comes to $PAYC I recognize the power of Square Payroll and HR solutions in combination with the whole ecosystem especially as they move more into Mid market, that's going to be interesting. Therefore it just makes sense for me to consolidate here.

I'm also selling $ZI $DOCN, no specific reason really, just want to move my capital into my highest conviction names.

Instead I went on a buying spree and got some $QCOM $RBLX $TWLO $SQ $SHOP $COUR $FVRR $HIMS $ADBE and $COIN.

Wrapping up, all $AFRM $DOCN $PAYC $ZI are great companies in my view, but like I said, it makes sense for me to consolidate, especially as I favor optionality over specialization at this point in time, while still maintaining an exposure to those players/spaces without further fragmentation.
$FVRR Prediction using TA
Fiver is in an incredible downtrend and should continue lower as it rejects the 9EMA on the daily.
$FVRR will be under $30/share on 6/17/2022
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TA Lesson Of The Week: Bullish Engulfing
A bullish engulfing is often a sign of a short term trend reversal. If you see a bullish engulfing with higher than average volume, that gives more confluence to the trend reversal.

These trend reversals sometimes lead to just a day or two of green followed by more downside or can lead to a few weeks of green.

A few examples of these today include $FVRR, $U, $UPST, $TWLO, $SHOP.

All of these stocks are in steady downtrends which means stay patient on your long entries, but they are ones to watch tomorrow for continued strength.
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Love the visual here— if you had a position in Twilio, Shopify, Unity or Fiver, would you be leaning towards a day or two of green followed by more downside, or a few weeks of green, and what would you look at to try and help you determine this?

Curiosity only— not financial advice of course. Always an important reminder, but especially when the market is so unforgiving right now.
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Portfolio changes - update 5
I sold my starter position in $AMZN because:

  • I'm no big fan of Jassy's leadership
  • I don't really care about the e-commerce side too much and so really when I put things side by side, I care about Gaming, Ads, Streaming, Subscriptions, Cloud Computing

When you think about it, $MSFT has all of that with way better leadership (IMO), consistently beating expectations, not so vulnerable to macro environment and way better optimized for cash flows and profits, so instead I'll likely add to my $MSFT position there.

I sold $ETSY too, since there's positions which I have a higher conviction in, in my Gig Economy allocation, for example $FVRR.

I initiated a position in $QCOM, as planned since several weeks ago when I made a post about it.
Fair point. But I feel if you want more pure exposure to cloud computing, the way to get it is more via $AMZN than $MSFT. Also, $MSFT is quite highly valued in this environment and is already cost optimized to the perfect operating margin; $ AMZN has so much room to optimize the cost side so that the real profitability starts to show. But both companies will IMO still be great compounders in the coming years.
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Closed positions, added to existing strong ones
Sold slow growth $FVRR and $U at major losses. Yes I’m a “long term” investor but that doesn’t mean I put up with slow growth…and I also admit that I overpaid which created the magnitude of these losses.

(Side note (to self): don’t get carried away with investing services recommendations amidst euphoria - high growth cos need to prove resilience. Keep strict limits to exposure or move out when they shoot 60-70% above their 200dma!)

Added $ABNB and $TTD as they continue to show resilience and positive outlook as leaders in their categories with strong leadership

Watching if $TSLA and $NVDA fall another 8-10%…would love to add those lower. Also mentioned $TXN recently. Seems like a good “low beta anchor”
April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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