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Luxury e-commerce $FTCH last 12m rolling revenue
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Hey 👋 yes I do (I have ~ 30 high convictions this is one of them). Unfortunately I’m not based in the US so can’t connect my brokerage account to prove it :)
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Wow, a $11 billion markdown loss for Amazon on Rivian 👀

I saw one over the weekend and got to meet the woman who designed the full-kitchen in the Rivian Trucks. They are a very impressive product.
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$FTCH thoughts
Hey guys. just saw these comments (I'm new here). @investmenttalk @reasonableyield @nathanworden They have a great platform strategy they are heavily investing in, & M&A trend with future synergy via Yoox Net-A-Porter (see articles), they have leading tech position in luxury retail space which is underserved and which is not really open to players like $AMZN, Imo, which should result in outsized growth. They have a strong balance sheet if you look closely with plenty of cash. My model suggests a PT of $30+ with as margins improve. I also think $CROX, $ETSY, $SHOP, and $REAL are interesting. More to come as we go.

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