Awesome B2B SaaS business serving SMB SaaS from India - $FRSH
It's relatively easy to build a company that's loved by shareholders but it's much much harder to build a company that loves employees, customers, and also by shareholders. It's hard but it's worth trying.

Girish, Freshworks - $FRSH @freshworksinc CEO
That’s a really great point and it speaks so much to a companies proposition long term if they can manage to achieve this consistently. How do you think $FRSH has been able to do this?
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Q4 21 Earnings Recap Pt1
Highlighting each of my holding's earnings report, update their KPI trends, and include some quotes of interest from the earnings call

Included in this first edition are:

Another Drawdown! Another Opportunity!
Stay Strong, Stay long, the businesses we own are still kicking ass!

Selling means you were wrong about their long-term potential!

Sell if you feel fundamentals are weak, not due to price action.

Price is a number, business is true value!

I kinda like $FRSH $PLTR $TWLO $CRWD $TEAM $GTLB $PCOR $VEEV $OKTA at these prices
A great reminder !

“In the short-run, the stock market is a voting machine. Yet, in the long-run, it is a weighing machine.’

$CRWD is definitely one business I need to look more into at moment at this price.
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