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Portfolio end of June '22 (descending order)

Epsilon Net Group $EPSIL.AT
Secunet Security Networks $YSN.DE
Evolution $EVVTY
Leatt Corp. $LEAT
Kaspi $KSPI
Grodno SA $GRN.WA
Amazon $AMZN
Meta $META
Media and Games Invest $MDGIF
Alphabet $GOOG
Centrotec SE $CEV.HM
IDT Corp. $IDT
Digital Turbine $APPS
Tremor International $TRMR
Passus SA $PAS.WA
Booking Holdings $BKNG
Steico SE $ST5.DE
Kambi $KAMBI
Mynaric $MYNA
Unity Software $U
Tencent Holdings $TCEHY
Alibaba Group $BABA
Nvidia $NVDA
SEA Ltd. $SE
Adobe $ADBE
Monster Beverage $MNST
Spotify $SPOT

New: $CEV.HM. Sold: $INPST


Ethereum $ETH.X
Bitcoin $BTC.X
Litecoin $LTC.X
Yield Guild Games $YGG.X
Enjin $ENJ.X
Cardano $ADA.X
Bitcoin Cash $BCH.X
Polkadot $DOT.X
Nice crypto basket there, how do you tend to view the more obscure ones, as moonshots?
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$11.1m follower assets
Evolution live in West Virginia
$EVO $EVVTY announced that it has gone live with it’s wide-ranging online live casino offering for operators in West Virginia.
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Evolution acquires Nolimit City
$EVO $EVVTY has entered into agreement to acquire Nolimit City, a leading producer and developer of online slot games for an upfront of EUR 200mm and earn outs of up to EUR 140mm
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2021 Lessons Learned: Trading/Speculation Turned Buy&Hold
I learned a lot in 2021 - had many losers with sizable losses $VMEO $IAC (call) $GEVO $ME $CTXR
I'm forgetting some
$FIGS turned out to be a loser but I sold at a gain

But a handful of trades made up for the losses, nearly double $AABB $GRTS $GME (short)
Those were the main ones

Lesson: a couple winners can make up for many losers. Luck also plays a big role, especially for short term speculation

Given up a big chunk of 2021 gains through 2022 already. We'll see how we end the year though, I think I'm decently positioned. Majority of my portfolio is in profitable growers at reasonable valuations. Have decent portion allotted to potential multibaggers

Profitable growers at reasonable valuation: $GOOGL $PUBM $FB $EVVTY $LEAT
This portion makes up 79% of my portfolio

Unprofitable potential multibaggers: $TUEM $SLGC $NAUT
This portion makes up 21% of my portfolio
Hi @logicalthesis, welcome to Commonstock! Thanks for sharing some of what you've learned recently. I like that you're seeing learning opportunities in both your winners and losers!
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