Why & What I am Buying
While the world ends, it feels like a once in a decade opportunity to buy the next generation of companies. But when? I have no idea. So I've been steadily DCA'ing as best I can.

#1 is of course $PL. I am a huge believer in what Planet is building and doing. Their market is incredibly diverse, as they can observe the entire planet from above and in almost any condition. War, agriculture, counterintelligence, energy, fund managers, data gathers. Planet can help all of them.

My other top exciting companies:
$DM -- onshoring manufacturing and the rise of "American Dynamism" (coined by Katherine Boyle at a16z) is coming. $DM is a major player.
$STEM -- maximizing energy efficiency is going to be paramount in the years to come. The leader in energy storage at present.
$EVLV -- security screenings are incredibly outdated and frustrating. At the same time, we all want to feel safe when we go out in public. Evolv solves both problems simultaneously and Evolv Express makes it incredibly affordable.
$HLGN -- I believe Heliogen will become a leader in solar energy for industrial uses. Capable of producing the high temperatures needed, their tech will help companies replace fossil fuels with solar energy.
$DNA -- Synthetic biology (especially for industrial use) sounds incredibly difficult. But with their ever-expanding partnerships I believe Ginkgo is at the forefront of this frontier. Skeptical at first, and dismissive of their valuation, it's becoming a major holding for me over the past 2 months.
$TWST -- One of $DNA's partners, Twist is enabling companies all over the biotech landscape to continue and expand their research with their synthetic DNA products. Valuation was terribly expensive, but is now very appealing.
$JOBY -- I am so tired of sitting in traffic. Can we all get a little closer to flying around and less driving?? I believe Joby is leading the EVTOL race, and has some of the best engineers to expand their business.
$GTLB -- Pure play that makes it easier for developers to do their work securely. Since becoming public they have not disappointing. Company is performing well, stock is dropping. What's not to like for a long-term holder?!

Uh oh... most of these are deSPACs... am I doomed?
Awesome list and I love how you accompanied each with a little recap. These are very moonshot-type investments and I've been intrigued by similar ones and some heavily beaten-down biotechs but have put almost all my fresh capital into bigger, proven winners like $SHOP $CRWD $TTD... Would you build an entire portfolio out of companies like you've listed here or is this a basket that makes up a portion of your larger portfolio?
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