Portfolio plans
My stock buy list for 2022
Crypto: $ETH
Hardware/AI: $NVDA $AMD $TSLA Software: $DDOG $SNOW $CRWD $ZS $MDB I plan make each of these at least a 5% holding, as I believe each is leader and will have the best recovery/growth story going forward
Buying crypto vs buying $COIN
Some people prefer holding stocks of "crypto" companies to holding actual crypto.

$COIN, $BTC.X a and $ETH.X seem to move in unison ... although $COIN is arguably doing much worse in 2022 than the rest of the crypto ecosystem (here approximated by $BTC and $ETH)

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For me it's easier to choose Coinbase which gets me exposure to much more than random shitcoins
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Cryptocurrency platforms
Hello guys! I’m curious, do you invest/hold cryptocurrencies? I have some $ETH $BTC $XRP and some smallest ones, I use Coinbase, Celsius (for staking and earning return) and Crypto.com (for a Visa card with cashback )
Would love to heard your opinions and happy to tell you more if you are interested
My Crypto Portfolio
Since the app I use for crypto doesn’t import to CommonStock I wanted to share it with you guys!
I’m building a little portfolio of crypto that Abra uses for interest bearing accounts. In the coming months Abra will have staking pools which I will probably take advantage of as well!
I really like the potential of $CPRX and $ETH but truly I am a crypto noob and just play with it. I put about $10 a week into it and interest gets paid out weekly!
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Cool of you to share this! Everyone is on a different journey with crypto. I’m probably the biggest noob on the block. I’m always curious on this first premise with regards to involving crypto in your overall port - why crypto? Why have it at all? Always get different perspectives when I ask! Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Portfolio end of February 202




+wikifolio „Zukunftsbranchen“
Top performing Layer 1s this year:

  1. $ATOM
  2. $FTM
  3. $AVAX
  4. $ETH
  5. $ONE.X
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Well here’s your chance to buy the dip if you were looking for one.

Pentoshi on twitter called it perfectly and unfortunately it looks like we have a little bit more down to go (chart wise).

Personally I am not worried and will be buying more $ETH because the utility is off the charts
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My Favorite Trade of 2021
My favorite trade of 2021 was making money on $PEOPLE. I donated some $ETH to help the constitution DAO try and buy the constitution. After losing, I figured the money would mostly be eaten up by gas fees, but then something odd happened. The token for the DAO started to go wild. By the time I realized this, I was up $1k. I cashed that out real quick 😂.

This is my favorite because:

A. I made money
B. It’s so weird
C. A great reminder of how random the market is
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