Earnings Review: $CRWD, $ESTC, $MDB, $VEEV
With earnings season behind us (for my portfolio, that is), I wanted to share my thoughts on several holdings that reported strong quarters. Here is the high-level review:

$CRWD - Several people here have discussed the company now tracking customers with 7+ modules. This speaks for the quality of the platform and the strong demand for the products.

$ESTC - Quarter was strong but they are spending a high percentage of revenue (50%) and gross profit (70%!) on sales & marketing. Otherwise, results were solid.

$MDB - Huge beat on earnings. Atlas growth has accelerated year-over-year. Still a pricey stock in my opinion.

$VEEV - Beat and raise. Veeva Data Cloud is bringing some quality new features to the platform. Business as usual for Veeva.

More in-depth thoughts here:

"More impressively, customers adopting four, five, and six or more modules grew to 71%, 59% and 35%. More impressive still is the fact that they are now announcing the number of customers adopting seven or more modules (19%). This is an incredible demonstration of Crowdstrike growing with their customers. Oh, and management raised full-year 2023 guidance across the board. There’s a lot to like here."

Wow, they are killing it.
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Earnings for the Week Ahead: What I am Watching
Last week of earnings for companies in the portfolio, and several larger holdings will be reporting this week. I'm not buying these relief rallies, but with strong results I'll be looking to add to these in the coming months.

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$ESTC - strong quarter. Stock down. I'm buying!
$ESTC is a fantastically innovative company. They have a great quarter with most important metrics improving. (Bookings down a bit but that's only because their move to cloud = more monthly contracts that have no 'billings' associated)

They've raised their guidance over $20M since last qtr and over $70M since Q1 qtr. Beast!

With the 75% growth in cloud which is now >30% of total revenues, there seems to be significant tailwinds of growth. BTW TAM is huge and they just settled with Amazon where latter can no longer use 'Elastic' open-source trademark, which caused confusion.

This stock has gotten hammered (like most) but also since their founder 'stepped down from CEO to focus on what he does best - be CTO. And their CPO who is a seasoned exec, was promoted to CEO. I view this as at worse neutral, likely positive.

Of course, the stock is down after earnings. I'm already down ~20%. But now they trade at <7x revenues. Imo, this is a mouth-watering prospect. I'll be tripling down here (bought some today and will over the next few weeks just coz of macro uncertainties)
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 28th - Mar 4th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Two of my holdings, $SE and $SOFI report next week, so I'll be paying significant attention to both. Other than that, I'm also interested in seeing what retailers like $TGT $BBY and $COST have to say about supply chain issues and inflation.

Good luck to everyone!

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Portfolio update
Roughly my portfolio. I should note that I can't connect one of my brokerage. As a result, each of the portfolio weight is overstated by around 25%. Also, I have a large investment in $ESTC (~10%) and medium investments in $PYPL and $SPOT (3%ish)
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