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$EPSIL achieved 75 % revenue growth
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2nd Epsilon Support Center $EPSIL
EPSILON NET Group proceeded to the establishment of the 2nd "Software and Network Support Center" based in Athens, after the significant success of the 1st Epsilon Support Center in Thessaloniki. In the new Support Center, EPSILON NET participates with a percentage of 60% and with a percentage of 40% participates Mr. Kosmas Nafpliotis, an entrepreneur with excellent knowledge of the business software industry and significant activity in the field of Information Technology for more than twenty years.

The establishment of the 2nd Support Center coincides with the launch of the project to inform the Group's customers about the utilization of the support framework that will be offered by the action "Digital Business Transformation" of the RECOVERY FUND and more specifically the program "Digital Tools for SMEs" with a total aid budget of € 180,000,000 that is expected to start in June. The 70% aid will be provided through a VOUCHER (intangible cheque in the form of an eight-digit code), which will be issued for the benefit of the beneficiary company and will be used exclusively for the purchase of digital tools and software applications.
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Portfolio end of February 202




+wikifolio „Zukunftsbranchen“
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Epsilon Net results 🚀
$EPSIL FY '21 results:

▫️Revenue +133%
▫️EBITDA +188%
▫️EBITDA-Margin of ~30%
▫️Net Profit +222%
▫️Guidance 2022: Revenue >€75m (+~48%) at >30% EBITDA-Margin
▫️Dominant position in the field of e-invoicing
▫️new targeted program of strategic partnerships & acquisitions
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Epsilon Net acquisition
As in my post yesterday regarding my favorite investment 2021 already expected, $EPSIL continues to consolidate the greek software market at value accretive multiples (EBT multiple of ~7.2 for a niche market leader)
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Portfolio Performance 2021
Portfolio Performance 2021 (TTWROR)

  • Stocks Portfolio +34.25 %
  • Crypto Portfolio +370.57 %

Winner (stocks)

  1. $FUTU +142 % (sold)
  2. $EPSIL +127 %
  3. $LORL +92 % (sold)

Loser (stocks)
  1. $BABA -42 %
  2. $KAMBI -40 %
  3. $APX -37 % (sold)

Winner (crypto)

  1. $ETH +454 %
  2. $IOTA +426 %
  3. $BTC +90 %

Loser (crypto)
  1. $YGG -15 %
  2. $DOT +21 %
  3. $XRP +28 % (sold)

Some thoughts about my performance and my strategy in the next year:

I‘m fine with my stocks performance of 34%. I‘ve beaten a lot of indexes and funds with it. The only reason why i‘m not that satisfied is that i was up over 45% at mid November when a harder correction of some of my bigger holdings began. During this correction i realized that my current strategy/portfolio allocation is for now the best for me. Some asked why i don‘t run a more concentrated portfolio, as the diversification costs often performance. My current portfolio consists of some Quality/Growth Small Caps that i try to find early added with some large/mega caps. The small caps take a lot of my research time and these are the candidates where i hope to get some multibaggers over time that should drive the outperformance against indexes like the Nasdaq. So why am i not concentrating on these picks alone?
The simple reason is that i‘m still making too much mistakes in selection as you can see in my losers list. The max. drawdown of my portfolio was 33 %. And i was mentally fine with it. But i‘m not sure how i would have react if this would have been >50%. What could happen in a concentrated portfolio.
So before i can run a more concentrated portfolio my track record has to improve. I started investing in 2015 and since then i‘ve learned so much every year and i‘ve become better every year. I think in 2021 my learning curve even accelerated as i started to interact and talk to a lot of great people and investors here on fintwit and other platforms. So a big thanks to all of these people! I believe in 2022 i will learn even more and continue to improve my investment strategy especially because i think 2022 will be a tough investment year and definitely not easy to achieve a similar performance again. I’ll definitely continue to search for qualitative companies with secular growth trends at fair prices. And if i find one i will be happy to share my ideas & thoughts here with you.

I wish you all a happy new year!
Hi Leon 34% is amazing !!! Thanks for sharing your reflections on your process of stock picking. I think your reasons for not having a concentrated portfolio at this stage of your journey are completely valid and prudent. Like you rightly pointed out you must give yourself enough room for error when you're on the learning curve, that in my opinion is very wise.

Hope 2022 is a strong year for you!
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