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Portfolio end of August '22 (descending order)
Epsilon Net Group $EPSIL
Secunet Security Networks $YSN.DE
Evolution $EVVTY
Leatt $LEAT
Kaspi $KSPI
Amazon $AMZN
Meta $META
Clearvise $ABO.F (New)
Google $GOOG
Grodno $GRN.WA
Media and Games Invest $MDGIF
Centrotec $CEV.HM
Digital Turbine $APPS
Booking $BKNG
Steico $ST5.DE
Passus $PAS.WA
Unity $U
Kambi $KAMBI
Mynaric $MYNA
Tencent $TCEHY
Nvidia $NVDA
Alibaba $BABA
Adobe $ADBE
Sea $SE
Spotify $SPOT
Monster Beverage $MNST

Sold: Tremor $TRMR

Ethereum $ETH.X
Bitcoin $BTC.X
Litecoin $LTC.X
Enjin $ENJ.X
Bitcoin Cash $BCH.X
Cardano $ADA
Polkadot $DOT
Yield Guild Games $YGG

+wikifolio Zukunftsbranchen
Nice collection of under-the-radar international stocks here, plus a few more familiar ones too ($U, $GOOG, etc...) I went to give you a follow but realized I already am! ;) I notice you're in Germany. How easy/difficult do you find access to all the international exchanges? How are the fees for international trading?
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Epsilon Smart E-invoicing
$EPSIL Epsilon Smart, the most complete solution for e-invoicing, has exceeded 80.000 subscriptions, with a continous growth rate, achieving a leading position in the Greek market
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Strong Growth rates in Greek IT market
CEO of Epsilon Net $EPSIL expects significant growth prospects, at least within the next 3 years for the IT industry in Greece. Epsilon also seeks to strengthen it’s presence outside of Greece.
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Epsilon Net Share buyback & dividend
In yesterdays ordinary general Meeting, Epsilon Net approved a share buyback program of up to 5 % of the share capital.

They also approved the distribution of a dividend of EUR 0.035 per share. $EPSIL
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Epsilon Net Dividend
Epsilon Net intends to propose a dividend of EUR 0.035 per share an increase of over 197%. $EPSIL
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8 Awards for Epsilon Net Group
$EPSIL Epsilon Net Group has won a total of 8 awards at the Cloud Awards 2022. 1 Gold, 4 Silver & 3 Bronze

🥇in the Hybrid Cloud category

🥈Best SaaS Product (Epsilon Smart), Middleware, Best SaaS HR, Hospitality & Tourism

🥉Payment, Retail, Energy & Utilities

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$EPSIL Epsilon Net Q1 results:

▫️Revenue +75%
*organic +36%
▫️EBITDA +75%
▫️EBT +80%
▫️strategically move to an „all-in-one Solution“
▫️>105.000 active customers
▫️increase of ARPC expected due to new products
▫️guidance of 50% revenue and 30% EBITDA-Margin confirmed

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