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$NUE and other commodities-linked stocks are stocks to be wary of when buying them on cheap valuation. Usually commodities players are at their peak when they're at their cheapest.
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Closed some short pos today $EBAY | $C
So hard to hold back trading last month. Glad there are some movements in the account now.
New Lows Today @ 10am
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A Weekly Update on Happenings in Special Situations
  • Bally’s $BALY rejected Standard General’s takeover proposal and announced a $300 - $500mm tender offer.

  • Spirit Airlines $SAVE rejected JetBlue’s $JBLU takeover proposal due to regulatory concerns and reiterated support for the merger with Frontier $ULCC.

  • Radius Global Infrastructure $RADI reportedly exploring strategic options including a sale.

  • Ubisoft $UBSFY founding family is considering a take-private in light of private equity interest.

  • Chesapeake Energy $CHK in discussions with activist Kimmeridge regarding changes to boost value.

  • Hasbro $HAS activist Ancora disclosed a 1% stake, backed the other activist (Alta Fox), called for a board refresh, and sale of eOne business.

  • Western Digital $WDC activist Elliott disclosed a 6% stake and proposed separation of its businesses, suggesting 100%+ upside.

  • Vista Outdoor $VSTO announced a plan to separate via a spin-off of its outdoor products segment.

  • Funko $FNKO 25% stake acquired by The Chernin Group, eBay $EBAY, Bob Iger, and Rich Paul.
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Taco Tuesday - 5/10/22
9 stock positions increased/added.

Additional investments into my Stash Portfolio (6)

$ATVI - $94.22 consensus price target. My wife is holding this in her portfolio, new position for me with $MSFT buyout in the works an arbitrage play.

$CROX - $110.22 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

$DOUG - $10.00 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

$EBAY - $60.41 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Increasing a 'core' position.

$MTCH - $125.00 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Not a 'core' position so will flip for a profit when the market recovers.

$NKE - $164.91 consensus price target. DCA down from previous buys. Increasing a 'core' position.

Additional investments into my M1 Finance "Fat Cat Investing" portfolio (3)

The 'Fat Cat Investing' portfolio is down 1.66% overall today and 4.81% since inception - a part of my ongoing "Real Estate Rumble".
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US marketplace ecommerce sales will reach over $357B
The forecast: Despite slowing growth, US marketplace ecommerce sales are expected to hit $357.26 billion in 2022, making up 34.6% of all online sales.

After a nearly 45% growth during the pandemic in 2020, US marketplace ecommerce sales only grew 16.7% in 2021, and that growth will continue to decelerate 14.8% this year. Sales will continue to decline through 2024, though it will be a much smaller drop.

  • Amazonb $AMZN is the largest ecommerce marketplace retailer with an over 72% share of the market. Amazon marketplace sales are expected to grow 18.3% in 2022 to reach over $250 billion. Sales are also expected to reach 25% of U.S. ecommerce sales.

  • eBay $EBAY holds the spot for the second largest online marketplace, but that share has been decelerating consistently since 2016 as sales have been turbulent. This year, eBay's share will decelerate to 10.7% as growth declines by 3%.

  • Etsy $ETSY is the only other top marketplace to gain share of the total retail marketplace besides Amazon. Although small, its share will increase to 2.6% this year. Etsy marketplace sales are expected to grow 17% this year and reach $9.2 billion in sales.

  • Walmart's $WMT share of total retail marketplace started to decelerate for the first time in 2021 and continues this trend in 2022, falling to 2% of the retail ecommerce market. After growth reached almost 100% in 2020, Walmart marketplace ecommerce growth decelerated to 11.2% in 2021. This year growth will reach 10.5% accounting for $7.2 billion.
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4 Supercharged Tech Stocks to Buy
I wrote a brief article on four tech stocks I like at the moment -- $RBLX, $CRWD, $ABNB, and $MELI.

tl;dr for each:

  • Roblox is just beginning to build out its brand partnerships
  • CrowdStrike is already used by 51% of the Fortune 500, with a DBNR of 124%
  • Airbnb's ability to simplify becoming a host could be of paramount importance
  • MercadoLibre looks like a LatAm version of $EBAY and $PYPL pre-spinoff

I love each of these and will continue to hold them for the very long term.
Which stock do you like the most of these four?
34 VotesPoll ended on: 04/19/22
$ETSY sellers are looking to form a union
A seller's union is what many Etsy sellers are looking to form, according to CNBC. I find this intriguing as this all started when $ETSY decided on hiking fees by 30%.

Many of these sellers could choose to go on a different platform like $AMZN or $EBAY but instead, they wanted to stay on Etsy. They can start their own e-commerce website, but they still want to stay on Etsy.

The fact that Etsy sellers want to stay on the platform and fight for lower fees shows how valuable the platform is to small businesses. As for the union itself, while some see it as a bad thing as it limits the profit growth Etsy could get, it could be the thing that keeps the platform relevant for the foreseeable future. If all the top merchants leave the platform, then the Etsy platform becomes worthless.

I typed out a long comment, but deleted it. Unions don’t work in low skilled, non life threatening, sectors like this.

6.5% fee is not intolerable, but Etsy could fix the star seller program and allow sellers to opt out of off-site ads. If they really want to make a point, just leave and don’t come back.

Similar case with Starbucks unionisers. A barista can be replaced at the drop of a hat in regular labour markets.
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 21th - 25th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Several very interesting reports coming up. Here's what I'll be looking forward to.

  • $MELI - How much did inflation impact their logistics margins?
  • $SQ - Cash App Users and Revenue Growth
  • $COIN - I think they will deliver a monster quarter. Crypto volatility should incentivize trading, driving commissions revenue above forecast.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.




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