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13Fs Flowing In
You're missing out if you don't check what other super investors are investing in!

Using Dataroma you can see everything in one place.

Here are some comments on some of my favorite investors:

  • Bill Miller (which I believe he no longer will be managing soon) reduced a lot of positions such as $OVV, $DXC, $FANG, $DAL, $NCLH, $GOOS, and $SOFI
  • Bill added or started a position in $OMF, $EXPE, $ET , and $CLF to name a few I found interesting
  • Very hard to have any takeaways from Bill's VAST holdings, but he is very active. Expect major turnover in his portfolio. It seems like he is kind of expecting a recession by cutting cruise lines and Delta, but he did add United
  • Michael Burry SOLD EVERYTHING except bought 501,360 shares in $GEO
  • Burry is easier to read as long as you catch his tweets before he deletes them. Burry is expecting a recession due to a credit crisis with consumers. No idea if he is right, but I've heard others raise alarms on this same issue
  • Bryan Lawrence is a real Warren Buffett-type/Joel Greenblatt-style of investor. He keeps his portfolio to 8-10 positions max. Number one position is $TDG followed by $GOOG and $IBKR
  • You can bet Bryan has a pretty strong conviction in his holdings, BUT you still have to do your due diligence. He was invested in $GDRX and sold it all last quarter. He will still sell out an entire position if he loses conviction
  • Seth Klarman is famous for writing an intrinsic value book that only sold a limited number of copies. Because of the limited number of copies the book's price got up to the many thousands of dollars range. The Investor's Podcast reviews his book and from their takeaway, it seemed like the book is more of a collector item than containing any sort of secret sauce to beating the market
  • Seth started a position in $WBD which I love since I own Warner Brothers in my portfolio. He also started one in $AMZN which I believe everyone knew was way underpriced last quarter. Seth added 75% to a stock called Gray Television $GTN. I've never heard of this stock before but will do some research to see what it's all about. Seth is pretty well versed in communication companies such as Liberty Media.

Overall, 13Fs are helpful but I wouldn't start or sell any positions because of what I see in a 13F. I really like using it because it introduces me to new stock ideas such as $GTN or what different investors are investing or selling currently. Kind of like Commonstock but for Super Investors but delayed three months.

Let me know some recent 13F holdings you find interesting below!
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$DXC Technology TL;DR Summary

Before I go into my summary, I want to preface the work on $DXC was a bigger project due to my penchant on providing quality improvements on the content freely received. I hope the summary brings value beyond what you have given.


Bullish trading/investing strategies

Company Overview/Description:

DXC helps Fortune 1000 firms do relatively simple things like run their back offices, as well as very difficult tasks like writing sophisticated software. Operates two segments of its business Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Infrastructure Services (GIS.)

Opportunity / Setup / investment Thesis

Original spinoff/merger rationale that created $DXC failed to deliver. Watched $25Billion revenue evaporate and near future shows no signs of slowdown… read remaining here
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