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Weekly wrap up
A nice week in the markets with some of my portfolio stocks consolidating. Went on a little bit of a shopping spree based on my watch list and some stocks starting to gain momentum.

Income Portfolio: Opened new positions in $NSA $BC $NXST and $ABR . Increased holdings in $VIG and $DVY Collected dividends on $RITM $JPM and $LOW .

Growth Portfolio: Added $ENPH to my portfolio holdings.

Speculative: No buy/sell action but $CRSP continuing to perform nicely up 25% thus far.
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$17.1m follower assets
This Weeks Action
A little more stability in the portfolios this week. Considering dipping my toe back in the water for my Growth portfolio next week.

Income Portfolio: Increased position size in $VIG once again. Opened new positions in $HD $AFL $AOS and $DVY . Collected dividends on $BBY .

Growth Portfolio: No action

Speculative: Increased position in $DOGE.X and opened starter in $MANA.X both pushing through and holding their 50 day SMA. Will be watching both carefully with SL set at 20%
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