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Recent Buy Ratings: MEDP, NVR, DPZ; Here's Why
As the market continues to go down, there are more and more long-term opportunities opening up for buy-and-hold investors. Hands down, one of our favorite opportunities right now is INMD stock. $INMD reports earnings tomorrow, so we will most likely write about it very soon. It is currently one of our biggest positions.

However, our newest buy ratings are on the following stocks: $MEDP, $NVR, and $DPZ. These are not our core holdings, though. We only have relatively small positions here in MEDP and NVR, for now, and no position in DPZ yet.

Note: This is not professional financial advice.
Most of these Buy ratings are in downtrends, meaning that the chances for more short-term downside are high. The ratings are not based on technical analysis. Again, they are meant for long-term investors.

Here they are, these are free articles to read:
  1. **Medpace Stock: 43% Pullback; Time to Buy? (MEDP)

Medpace Holdings is a contract research organization (CRO). It essentially helps biotech/medical companies do clinical trials for new drugs, etc. It earns revenue from contracts. It is reasonably valued after a large pullback, very profitable, and growing consistently.

  1. Why NVR is a Top Homebuilder Stock

NVR, Inc. (NVR) constructs and sells real estate properties, such as single-family detached homes, townhomes, and condos. It also offers Mortgage Banking for its homebuyers.
We like the stock because it has a superb track record (highly profitable, growing) and is relatively undervalued compared to its past valuations.

Historically, buying big drops has worked on this stock. Check the chart above.

  1. Domino’s Pizza Stock: Focus on the Long Term (DPZ)

Pizza chain Domino’s has seen some inflation headwinds recently and will continue seeing them for the rest of the year. Also, the chart doesn’t look too pretty as it’s breaking down from a long-term uptrend.

However, DPZ has navigated through hard times before and can eventually bounce back. The company is still highly profitable and growing. This is definitely one for the patient investor.

Thanks for checking this out! If there are any stocks/topics you’d like us to cover, hit us up!
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Researching Restaurants
When looking at restaurants what are the KPI's everyone looks at?

What are some good case studies to examine as to why some chains can reach escape velocity constantly opening new locations while others stall and begin to close locations?

Should investors favor companies that rely on franchise growth or those that manage their own locations?

Should investors favor food categories that are relevantly uncompetitive like $KRUS (CC: @investmenttalk) or try to find strong companies among a competitive category? Think burgers, pizza, and subs -- there are so many players within these categories with brands constantly going in and out of favor.

What are some industry growth drivers to consider?
  • Health trends
  • Ghost kitchens
  • Mobile ordering
  • Reward points
  • Dine-in vs takeout only locations

This is a sector I have never really looked at despite being an avid consumer of fast casual dining. My interest in the sector has piqued after learning that there are publicly traded $DPZ franchise groups & after considering that $SHAK growth strategy may actually suffer from dis-economies of scale.
Cash flow dynamics are more favorable at QSRs with franchise models rather than company-owned ones. Franchised concepts can raise capital at a lower cost vis-à-vis company-owned (via a debt product called a securitization).
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GDP, Earnings Dump: Daily Contrarian, April 28
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are rebounding a day after another reversal saw major U.S. indexes finish roughly flat.

It’s a massive day for earnings with a whole bunch of companies due to report in the pre-market alone. Notables include $CAT $MO $TWTR $MRK $NOC $DPZ $KDP

After the close we will hear from $AAPL and $AMZN

Also first-quarter GDP is out at 0830

Read more here, or listen to the podcast:
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$DPZ a great compounder - LONG
We've been invested in $DPZ since Q1 after the initial pullback and the market has sold off on the name with all the inflationary and labor headwinds.

We think with such a pullback in a strong name, this creates an opportunity. With a great print by $CMG yesterday, we'll see if those trends translate well into $MCD and $DPZ

See what we say about the headwinds in the post below. We also dive into our valuation model and what makes up Domino's "value"

As always great post Paul! I like that you provide an audio version of these business model dives.

It's cool to see this visual of you accumulating— 6 buys in the last three months! Looking forward to checking back in on your $DPZ chart in a year to see where the company goes from here.
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Shopping time
Adding to a few positions today, already added 1% portfolio value to $TXN, $VEEV and $SDMHF. Might added $DPZ and a few other too later.
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