$DOGE Falling Wedge Breakout has Confirmed..!!

Let's go to the Moon 🆙🚀

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If You Hate Money then Don't Buy $DOGE ..!!

#Crypto #doge #dogearmy #dogecoin
Mmm, down 79% from 52 week high. My AAVE is up 89% since March 10 when I got back in and pays an 8% yield. Doge is also available on FTX, but………

I’m good on the currency, I never invested in forex or currencies before, not gonna start now. I use fundamental analysis to look for assets with utility, preferably already in use or generating cash flow, or coins that I think will provide a quality or revolutionary enough product to drive the value of their coin. I try to avoid coins that require marketing teams, are called “meme” or “shit” coins, coins projects that have armies of fans promoting them, and those that are showing no signs of legitimate growth, adoption among its intended niche, or meeting the goals laid out in their road map & white paper.
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A new survey by Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global reveals that two dog-themed memecoins are among the most popular crypto assets in the US.
The study, which polled 3,144 US adults, shows that Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency in the country with over 83% of the sample size responding that they’ve heard of BTC.

Dogecoin (DOGE) comes in at number two with 54.10% of survey respondents saying they have heard of the leading memecoin. Ethereum (ETH) takes the third slot followed by Dogecoin competitor Shiba Inu (SHIB).

The survey also looks at the biggest concerns stopping the respondents from participating in the crypto markets.
Fifty-two percent say that they are “not knowledgeable enough to invest,” while 42% say that investing in cryptocurrencies is too risky.
Meanwhile, 34% claim the lack of regulatory clarity on digital assets is keeping them from investing in crypto assets.
Lack of sufficient capital is also a concern for 25% of the respondents.
The survey also explored the respondents’ views on the future of the cryptocurrency industry.
According to the survey, 19% say that the cryptocurrency industry will transform the definition of money.
On the other hand, 23% say they are not confident about the future of the crypto industry and think it is all a “scam/bubble” that is “going to collapse.”
Per the survey, 16% believe that the crypto industry will “grow, but not by much.”

I couldn’t stay up any longer, so I will just leave this here.. I’m wishing y’all the best as we commence this new era and I pray this year brings abundant blessing to us all

And to all the $DOGE HOLDERS, don’t stop
holding man cause it’s #dogeseason ✅✅✅
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