Weekly Watchlist Results

$SPY +4%
$QQQ +4.18%
$DE - No Trade - Continuation to the upside
$DKS +5.3%
$SBUX - No Trade - Continuation to the upside
$COIN +18.28%
$SHOP +15.16%
$CRWD - Hit Price Target 1 at $169 from prior weekly watchlist
After a couple of more days of research I’m pretty set I would like to own both these companies. DE I totally understand has a chance to fall @investorinsight keep me posted lol and Adobe I will wait till after earnings before I start a position. @invesquotes and me have a lot of talking to still do lol. I believe both these companies are leaders in their respective industries and I don’t own either industrial and software (not your typical software company I know but I can understand this way more then a salesforce or snowflake lol)
Never looked into $ADBE as an investment, but thinking now I should. I use their services weekly, and I know it's a great company with awesome products!
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September Watchlist Update
I have reviewed my watchlist and updated my potential Birthday Buys for the month of September. As we move closer to January, I am getting more clarity into what I will be buying.
Looking at both portfolios right now, the most intriguing additions are in my Roth IRA. The top rated holdings in my Taxable watchlist are all industrials type companies ($DE, $F, $CAT, and $DMLP). Seeing that I already have Industrials exposure in that account through $CARR, making another Industrials addition would only further clutter and dilute my portfolio.
In my Roth IRA, I have a number of very strong potential buys with $OZK, $RICK, $CAH and $LMT topping the list. As I have said before, I do not like to be influenced by share price, but with Merrill Edge not offering fractional shares, $LMT might be priced out for me in the short term.
Here is my updated watchlist for both accounts and changes that were made:

$PENN - Has dropped to a 4/6 on my Scorecard. $RICK has moved ahead of it at a 4.5/6. I have existing exposure in Sin Stocks, so I want to be certain with any new additions.
Added: None
Roth IRA
$REGN - Dropped to a 4.5/6 on my Scorecard. $CAH is a higher ranked Healthcare company at a 5.5/6 on the Scorecard and will be my Healthcare focus.
$WM - Its back! After being removed in August, $WM has climbed up to tie $AY as Utilities options at 5/6 rankings.
$TPR - Surprised to see this climb up to a 5/6. Have been tracking for a while after learning about its brands. Will continue to track.
Would like to hear any of your thoughts on the companies mentioned to help add to my research on these positions.
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Looking for Thoughts
As I said in my previous post I’ve been doing alot a lot of research on $NTST and $FISV. But I would really like to hear peoples thoughts on $DE especially after that quarter. I’m really considering them long term as well as the other two names of course. Everyone so caught with O that they don’t see NTST but that’s an argument for another day lol. Fiserv never talked about with the big fintech stocks yet clover is legit amazing, again argument for another day. Yeah just thoughts on $DE would be great. I know it had the run up so I’m in no rush to add right away but I want this one potentially for long term aka to hold for 20 plus years lol
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