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$DBX Quarterly
This ticker has been consolidating sideways since IPO on the quarterly chart timeframe, forming a rectangle channel (or rounded base). I have been eyeing this stock for quite some time, and it completely fell off my radar until today.

I am looking to enter in $DBX next week, with a price target of $50-$54. The price target is between what I believe is the fair value for this company and the 100% Fibonacci extension of the rectangle pattern.
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Fincredible MacroTalk: Remote Work
Remote work is likely here to stay. Employees are demanding it and, in the midst of the great resignation, many companies are seeing the necessity to offer remote or hybrid work arrangements to attract and retain talent. The latest Fincredible MacroTalk offers several quotes from company earnings calls on the benefits and challenges of remote work.

Talent attraction and retention is one of THE biggest benefits of remote work for many companies:

  • $OSTK "The ability to offer remote work has improved our attraction and retention efforts, both of which are important during the nationwide great resignation. Our workforce continues to be engaged and productive working from home.”
  • $DBX "Virtual First has been really positive for us. I mean, last year, we saw a 126% increase in offer accepts. That's nearly double the number -- and then also nearly double the number of candidates for op enroll and even an uptick in what we call boomerang candidates, like folks that might leave the company and then come back within a year. So we're finding that from a hiring perspective, it's really resonating and unlocking new pools of talent. And I think more broadly, what you're seeing is that employees once they have the flexibility or when companies like ours offer this flexibility, they then -- employees demand it."

And companies like $UPST have shown that you can run a successful business remotely:

Not all jobs can be performed remotely at the moment, but over time, the trend is clear: more employees will migrate to remote or hybrid work.

If you'd like to read the whole post for free, here's the link:

Quotes from from $UPWK $IT $OSTK $FVRR $DBX $ZIP $UPST $PANW
Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 14th - 18th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Three of my holdings report next week.

  • $ABNB - The stock has held up pretty well during the market sell-off. The valuation is still high, but with re-openings the company could see a big boost this year.
  • $TTD - They've said Apple IDFA is a non-issue, so their growth should be great. A key indicator of ad spend.
  • $ROKU - The stock is down almost 64% from ATH, but the fundamentals keep improving. I expect great results from the company, with ARPU growing and margins expanding.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Fincredible MacroTalk: Cloud Adoption Accelerating
I have see more and more people talk about $DBX

Curious to see if anyone (on commonstock) has any info / deep dives on the company 🤔
Looks like @gkotak and @strategicinvestors may still own some.

I worry about storage space as a business. Feels like a commodity at this point. That said, I don't know enough about their other products (productivity, etc) to have a more educated view.
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My portfolio update. Again, VOD is an error, not 25% but <1%. In the pull back over last week+, I
(a) Almost deployed all my 11% cash.
(b) Sold over half of VG due to acqn
(c) Sold around 25% of my holdings in banks, blue chips that didn't fall much
(d) and rotated towards high-tech high-growth. Finally some enticing prices. >doubled holdings in $ESTC, $CRM, $ABNB, $PTON; nibbled on $CHGG, $ZM and bought 2024 calls in $WOOF, $DBX, $AKAM.
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Sharing my top positions here.
A few points / caveats:

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar! (Nov 1-5)
Hey guys! Here's next week's earnings calendar! Several very interesting companies set to report earnings. Here's the one's I'm most excited about and why:

  • $APPS: any sign of iOS ad dollars shifting to android (Digital Turbine's revenues are mostly from android).
  • $Z: an update on the real estate market and iBuying
  • $LYFT and $UBER: is mobility in the US back to pre-pandemic levels?
  • $COIN metrics on the NFT market.
  • $PENN and $DKNG update on the mobile sports betting market.
  • $ATVI number of Call of Duty Warzone players. The last reported number was 100MM.
  • $CRSR: comments on the supply chain issues they're experiencing.
  • $MELI: update on the Brazilian e-commerce market. Relevant for $SE's expansion.
Comment below which earnings report you are looking forward to the most!
Friendly reminder: you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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