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Need a new EV stock, $RIVN in mind.
$MULN has fallen. I think I got out at a pretty good time, didn't take as much of a loss as I expected after I found out about the companies true colors.
I still own $CYN, but they are working on the software behind EV, as well as focusing on industrial uses.
I am very interested in consumer driven electric vehicles. Something I have noticed is that every person I meet that owns a Tesla simply loves it.
But, lets be real, how many EV startups will actually end up making it in the long-run? $TSLA is a dominator at the moment, and many other auto manufacturers are starting to make their own electric vehicles, and making big promises on their future production of EVs.
$RIVN is a ticker that caught my eye back when they announced their IPO, seeing that the stock has tumbled since then doesn't look so good.
In the process of doing my own analysis, but a lil busy at work, so decided to post a little bit of my thoughts.
I own $GGPI (SPAC for Polestar, should be approved sometime this quarter). Polestar is backed by Volvo and Geely. Sold 29,000 cars in 2021 and is projecting 65,000 in 2022.
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Bad Luck?
So I bought $CYN yesterday, this is happening now😂

so, theres gotta be a reason they are needing this funding right?
Well, there also must be a reason for a bank to agree to do this with a company like this🤔 right?
Anyway, great opportunity to buy more later, just thought it was funny they announced this day after I get in.
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First stock in my new portfolio.
I am building this new portfolio with medium to long term growth in mind.

Decided to invest in $CYN, a new company focused on Automated Vehicle Technology, developing driving software for these vehicles.

At the moment their software is being used in warehouses and industrial settings, but could later be implemented into commercial/service as well.

Think this stock could be at a pretty good point by next year, like above $10. don't quote me tho, lol.

(testing this link trade feature)
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Make sure your new accounts don't have restrictions..
went to put in my order for some $CYN this morning and realized my TD Ameritrade account wasn't fully verified😂

Had to call and verify my address but I missed out on the dip :(
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Cyngn Inc.
funded my account to purchase some $CYN shares tomorrow.

Should've funded it sooner wasn't expecting to make a trade this soon. Very impulsive😂

If you haven't heard of this company, they develop driving software for autonomous vehicles.

Let me know what you think :)
Yeah I never heard of them. Anything you can talk more about it? Would be interested in learning more about this company
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