Investing vs Speculating
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This is just a YTD chart and proves absolutely nothing. But, I have been trying to tell those near me that they should be looking at crypto projects that have utility or are already generating revenue as legitimate investments. is one of those that is generating revenue, but trades at $0.20-$0.40; while coins that either have zero utility, no revenue, are purely theoretical, or just outright scams, trade for tens or hundreds of dollars. With the blood shed happening in crypto right now, alongside the markets (just exponentially worse as usual) it’s nice to see $CRO.X is at least holding on. I tried to bring a fundamental analysis approach and use the same strategies, as much as possible anyway, to invest, rather than speculate, in crypto. While there clearly is no way to value these crypto assets, you can glean a great deal of info in a short amount of time and see if it’s even an investment, or just another lottery ticket.
If you speculate with junk coins that may or may not have a future, or the currency part of crypto; this happens relatively frequently📉💸👇😬

Source:Yahoo Finance

Source:Yahoo Finance

Source:Yahoo Finance
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If cryptocurrencies are a matter of network effect, would it not make sense to simply buy the ones that have already exhibited the strongest network effects at scale? Like bitcoin.
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Anyone else notice today, on such a busy sports betting holiday, that Crypto dot come was all over the place. They were the primary sponsor for the first U.S. Formula 1 race in Miami, Florida. They are also now the primary sponsor for UFC; so their logo is in the octagon and on the shirt of every fighter entering the cage. They recently broke the record for $ spent on stadium naming rights when they paid $700 million to rename the Staples center in Los Angeles the Crypto dot com Center. I know marketing doesn’t make them the end all be all of crypto, but it says a lot that they have that muscle to flex, when most crypto projects are still theory, barely off the ground, barely adopted, or just a really SHITTY exchange. I’ve professed my love for this crypto just based on relative valuation of their exchange competitors’ coin/token (Binance, FTX, and Voyager) historically trading for $20-$600 while $CRO.X sells at less than $0.50.

Part of the reason I’m so bullish is because I personally use all these platforms and they’re my go to. Best platform, best wallet, best yields, easiest process, and are building their own layer 1 Cronos network to compete with other layer 1’s. With that kind of money, they have the the ability to buy the minds to solve the problems they will face. Puts them in a position many competitors struggle be in, trying to raise money or use open source development. Now that they literally own the advertising markets (other than Brady’s FTX commercials) I only feel better about my growing position. While I can’t even figure out the on chain staking of most complicated crypto assets & their wallets, Crypto dot com Dapps like VVS Finance & Tectonic, built on the Cronos network, have made it super easy to move VVS and Tectonic from my Crypto dot com DeFi wallet and stake at yields of 15%, 50%-65%, 110%-113%, and 256%. And while those yields sound crazy, it makes sense to me when I’m just getting a slice of the fees their trading volume generate🤷‍♂️it is not unreasonable to me to think that insane, 24/7 global trading volume, generate enough fees, that they can pay me handsomely for providing the tokens they need for liquidity.
Crypto is NOT another asset class
If you are looking at crypto as another asset class, you might just miss the boat. Crypto “currency” may be another asset class, but don’t be misled, currency is one very minor slice of the pie. Currently Bitcoin (technically a currency) is damn near all of crypto market cap, but blockchain, crypto coins, tokens, and NFT’s are not going anywhere and they are not another asset class, they are revolution and will forever be an alternate investing universe. Some may be monetized and be more traditional investments, but most will likely never be valued like traditional investments.

There are coins like $INDEX.X M, that gives investors exposure to baskets of crypto investments in DeFi, the metaverse, Web 3.0, and the data economy.

$ENJ.X is a gaming and NFT marketplace with their own interactive trading.

$LINK.X is a coin that is used for Chainlinks ecosystem, an oracle network that links blockchain smart contracts to real world data sources and is used by many relative crypto platforms.

$LUNA.X created a fiat pegged currency for almost a dozen important global currencies and will become more valuable as their coins are minted and burned to maintain the value of their algorithmic stable coins.

$AXS.X is a blockchain game with millions of dollars in daily transactions where users own in game items and are much more involved in creative and/or ownership opportunities.

$MANA.X is a blockchain hame focusing on the metaverse where individuals buy virtual land and build marketplaces and monetize other assets.

$FIL.X is a peer to peer file storage network, other similar platforms include $SC.X & $STORJ.X

$SNX.X is a coin that represents fractional shares of real world commodities like gold, stocks, or other tradable assets.

$FET.X is AI for exchange of data on chain who’s potential os still being harnessed

$LPT.X is like YouTube for Web 3.0 basically

Platforms like $COMP.X, $AAVE.X , $MKR.X allow person to person lending & borrowing

Decentralized exchanged like $UNI.X, $CAKE.X, and $SUSHI.X

Centralized exchanges like $COIN (public stock) or $CRO.X

$NMR.X is a hedge fund that allows data scientists and developers to develop machine learning models and compete at creating effective AI prediction models.

$CHZ.X is a sports coin that allows users to connect and enjoy special offers from their favorite sports clubs and organizations. Started with European soccer but recently signed UFC and NBA.

And platforms like $VET.X and $IOTX.X I expect to significantly impact the internet of things and supply chain logistics. If UPS or FedEx gets hold of either of these products, watch out.

Just a few examples off the top of my head to show how wide the world of crypto coins and toke s can really get. Looking at it as another asset class is foolish in my opinion. There is another investing world open to us, it’s open 24/7/365, how can it possibly be just another asset class, it’s clearly an entirely new market; please don’t miss the boat, at least start learning.

PS, I’m still 80%-90% stocks and not one of those crypto to the moon folks, it the possibilities are literally endless and I only get more excited the more I learn. Just expand your horizon beyond Bitcoin.
Definitely think most is faddish. I only invest in things I believe in, it’s a crap shoot and why I limit my exposure. I definitely read for months before I started to feel like I was starting to understand anything and am still barely scratching the surface, even with dozens of holdings across multiple wallets and exchanges (experience), it’s still complicated and too difficult for mainstream adoption. But as people continue to realize they can cut their bank out (of some of their savings at least) and make their own money on their own money, the tide will continue to shift. The millions of dollars in transactions and billions locked up on these platforms speaks for itself.

Once one starts reading, real info about the industry, not influencer BS, you’ll be surprised how well being an intelligent investor, who does some due diligence, pays off in crypto. We’ll see long term, but so far, following basic Buffet & Lynch principles has worked better than I could’ve ever imagined. You can spend 5 minutes on a website and know not to buy most of the BS people are pushing in crypto. Just be an investor, not a speculator😉

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