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I am trying to learn more about them!

Use the comments to tell me more about them!
If you are an investor, why do you like them?
61%I eat there/get delivery often
7%Ate there long time back
0%I love the convinience
30%I love that they make me money
13 VotesPoll ended on: 05/26/22
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Stock valuation #2
Is there a company you would like me to value?

Post the name and ticker in the comments, and upvote and repost this memo. I'll value and write up the stock with the most upvotes by the end of the week.


Last time:
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. $CMG, nominated by @investmenttalk, was the most upvoted stock. See the votes here and the writeup here.

  • Date: March 23, 2022
  • Stock: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE: CMG) common equity
  • Market cap: $43.0bn
  • Rating: Reduce
  • Price: $1,590
  • Target: $1,192


UPDATE on May 6:
Joey (@joeyhirendernath) nominated $HSY, which brought the most votes. I'll value it next week and post the write-up and valuation. Thanks to everyone who contributed and made suggestions.

UPDATE on May 9:
I have finished my valuation and posted it here.
I'll nominate $HSY

Although Hershey's needs no introduction I feel like it helps to have context generally. Hershey's, is an American multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. It was founded by Milton S Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company, a subsidiary of his Lancaster Caramel Company.

I currently have the stock on my watchlist and have been following it ever since @scorebdinvestor posted it.

Look forward to your valuation.
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$DPZ a great compounder - LONG
We've been invested in $DPZ since Q1 after the initial pullback and the market has sold off on the name with all the inflationary and labor headwinds.

We think with such a pullback in a strong name, this creates an opportunity. With a great print by $CMG yesterday, we'll see if those trends translate well into $MCD and $DPZ

See what we say about the headwinds in the post below. We also dive into our valuation model and what makes up Domino's "value"

As always great post Paul! I like that you provide an audio version of these business model dives.

It's cool to see this visual of you accumulating— 6 buys in the last three months! Looking forward to checking back in on your $DPZ chart in a year to see where the company goes from here.
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April Purchases - Max the ISA Project
This morning I topped up my portfolio with April's contribution. Purchases include $BAC $VOO $DG $CMG $MA $SBUX $DIS $QQQ $AXP $HAS and three ETFs that tracking High Yield Global, UK 100, and Japanese markets.

The goal for this project, which began in 2022, is to maximise the £20,000 annual ISA limit for tax-free dividend income and capital gains. After 2 weeks of the new tax year, we are 7% of the way there for 2022.
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Chipotle fans can roll burritos at Chipotle - $CMG in their
Roblox - $RBLX experience to earn burritos in real life.
This is a great time to join me in our journey where we see builderman - David Baszucki build a huge business.

Chipotle announced it is launching Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox, a new simulation experience that will challenge players to roll burritos in the metaverse to earn Burrito Bucks, the brand's in-experience currency on Roblox1, starting on April 7, National Burrito Day. The first 100,000 Roblox players to successfully roll a burrito will earn enough Burrito Bucks to exchange them for an entrée code that can be used on the Chipotle app,, or Chipotle.ca2
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Delivery is Scam - How Much More You're Paying
Ever wonder just how much you're paying more for added convenience of delivery? I took a look at three companies: Domino's $DPZ, Chipotle $CMG, and Sweetgreen $SG to see just how much more delivery is over takeout.

Companies are training us to be comfortable paying more for convenience but at what point will we start switching back to carryout?

Would you want to pay >60% more? Click the link below for the chart of the week

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