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Interview with Simon Erickson
Last week, I got the chance to interview the CEO & Founder of 7investing, Simon Erickson.

Simon is a wealth of knowledge, and I LOVE his insight into the markets and the future.

We discussed a wide range of topics included: building 7investing, semiconductors, Ad Tech, Crypto, Healthcare, Insurance, Quantum Computing, what the future holds, Ab Lincoln, and… High School Dating!?! (you’ll have to read to find out)

Some tickers discussed include: $AAPL $TTD $SNAP $CLPT $DMTK $HOOD $NNOX $AMD $BFLY $TSLA $NVDA and more…

Compared to my usual Newsletter, this one was an odyssey. Here's an excerpt...

Parrot: I understand you were very early to the crypto market. What did you see back then, and how do you feel about it going forward? Do you ever foresee 7investing recommending a cryptocurrency?

Simon: So to answer the first part of the question: there was a huge disconnect between the market’s expectations for crypto and the industry’s embrace of cryptocurrencies. So the first time I can remember talking about this was at South by Southwest. It’s a conference in Austin every year. It’s huge. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, every single year. It had just so happened that there was a breach of one of the cryptocurrency exchanges called Mount Gox. At the time, right before one of the conferences that I attended, everyone was scared of losing all of their Bitcoins and the security of digital wallets. Just a whole lot of pessimism that was plaguing this market. So the price, as you would expect when there’s excessive pessimism, plummeted.

And yet, I went to South by Southwest and sat in and saw these entire amphitheaters filled with people that wanted to learn more about this. Not just people in their basements that were buying or mining Bitcoin. Lawyers talking about what are the legal ramifications going to mean for this; business manager saying, how can we get this on our balance sheet; Techies, IT folks saying, okay, how are we going to connect the dots on integrating this with our current infrastructure that we had. There were thousands of people that were all really, really excited about this. At the same time, the market as a whole, which was really direct to consumers already at this point, was just saying they wanted nothing to do with Bitcoin. So seeing that disconnect of the excess of pessimism in the price of Bitcoin compared to really a lot of optimism by the people who were making business decisions about it, led me to say, “Okay, now’s the time to get into crypto.” And it certainly was the right time, because as you’ve seen with Bitcoin and crypto, it’s going nuts lately. A lot of the people who were laughing at me at that time, several of them are actually buying and embracing crypto themselves right now [laughs].


Parrot: You’ve been very outspoken about up and coming industries; those that we don’t fully understand yet, don’t really understand the scope of yet. Sort of trying to skate to where the puck is going, not where it’s at. Where should the average investor be looking for new opportunities?

Simon: This is probably one of my favorite topics of all time, and we could have a two beer conversation every single day about this. But just to give a couple ideas of where I think the puck is going.

The first is a more consumer facing health care approach. This isn’t just about going to the hospital and having a paper file in a manila folder that tracks your history any more. There’s a lot more availability of information about patients. There’s a lot more medical information about patients that is being provided to them. It’s turning them into true consumers rather than just patients. That’s going to impact the diagnostic market, that’s going to lead to a more proactive system of healthcare, and it’s also going to be leading to a much more personalized form of treatment. We still have to address privacy, we still have to respect it. I think that consumers are playing a much larger role in their own health. And, combining the diagnostics we have with artificial intelligence, with AI, there’s going to be a lot of optimism for the future of health care in the next couple of years.

The second space I’m really interested in is using AI for insurance. Insurance is highly complex, whether it’s home insurance, whether it’s life insurance, whether it’s car insurance, wherever it might be. There are just too many choices for us to keep track of, especially when those choices are changing on a weekly basis. If we could deploy AI to monitor this multi trillion-dollar industry and give us the best rates for the coverage that fits us best, I think there’s a huge opportunity for companies to benefit from that. Personal assistants as well. I hate managing insurance, I hate managing my life and my calendar. If I could just give the AI a way to do that for me, it’d be a huge win.

The third one that I’m also really excited about is quantum computing. This is something that’s going to happen a lot faster than most people think right now. It’s mostly just a science project. A lot of companies aren’t making any revenue off it. But once we get commercial grade quantum computers, everyone’s going to want to embrace them because no one’s going to want to fall behind their competitors. Even at a national level, no one’s going to want to fall behind their competitors in the form of other countries. So, we’re going to see the embrace of quantum happened very quickly. We’re starting to see some publicly traded options. And I think that several of those will be worth several times their current valuations in a few years.

...end excerpt

This is just a small sample of what's packed into this weeks newsletter. I hope you take the time to read the full interview here: "Stock Squawk: Interview with Simon Erickson"

I would love to hear where you guy's think the puck is going! 👇

"The Market" Stock Pitching Game Recap
Thanks everyone for coming to "The Market" game yesterday morning! We had 19 people show up and heard 7 separate stock pitches.

If you'd like to receive a calendar invite for next month's game, shoot me a DM with your email and join the group channel here:

Here is a recap of the picks, links to the video, and the Commonstock users who pitched them:

Softbank $SFTBY
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Pinterest $PINS <= Most Votes and overall winner
Rihard Jarc @rihardjarc
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Latch $LTCH
Jon Medearis @jonmedearis
Watch the pitch on Youtube HERE

Redfin $RDFN
Paul Essen @pessen
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ClearPoint Neuro $CLPT
Kiran @coin
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Core Molding Technologies $CMT
Yon @y4l.investing
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UiPath $PATH
Amit @amit
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See you all next month!
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