Chuy’s Holdings, Inc. $CHUY
1. Is the company undervalued?
EV/EBIT: 8.51 (This excludes operating leases)
EV/Sales: 0.81
Price/Book: 1.52

Chuy’s is a tiny company, which offers investors massive growth potential. Notwithstanding, the business model is still unproven with only 96 locations and a fairly thin margin profile. Conversely Chuy’s has a sterling balance and is returning meaningful capital back to shareholders. This coupled with a single digit earnings multiple, sets up for an incredibly compelling investment thesis!

Link to full write-up here:
Not to sure about this, yes, a P/E of 13, trailing isn't bad, but the stock is down almost 19% over the last 5 years, 35% YTD. It might be a late bloomer, but I would think there are better to look at down the road. However, good to hear about another Mexican restaurant chain.
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