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$CCIV ➡️ $LCID happens today. Time for Lucid Motors to deliver as a publicly listed company and decouple from the hype surrounding itself as the “Tesla Killer.” Although there are over 10,000 reservations for their vehicles, we have seen in recent months that reservations do not translate to deliveries (See $RIDE). With an already lofty valuation, #LucidMotors will have to stand on its own after the most highly anticipated SPAC of 2021. I personally am #Long but see high volatility coming!
*Nothing wrong with taking some profits after a strong day like today… PIPE investors still haven’t made their moves yet and if the previous large name SPACs are evidence, I’ll buy back in lower
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Polestar - Another Tesla Killer Coming to Market?
Electric vehicles and specifically EV SPACs have been a major focal point of the market over the past 15 months or so. Most recently, the SPAC merger between $CCIV and Lucid Motors saw the price rise from $10 dollars up to $66 dollars on just the rumor alone of a merger.

Now that it seems that SPACs are (somewhat?) back in favor in the market, we got word yesterday from Bloomberg that Polestar, a European electric vehicle maker backed by Volvo was in talks to go public via SPAC with $GGPIU. The stock shot up 5% once the news broke and is up another 5% premarket this morning.

Here is a quick breakdown of Polestar:

The company has been around since 1996 but became quasi-independent from Volvo and Geely in 2017 and is headquartered in Sweden.

Currently has two cars on the market. Polestar 1 is a hybrid sedan while Polestar 2 is a fully electric Sedan that is currently being produced in China.

Last month they announced that the Polestar 3, a fully electric SUV, will be built in a Volvo factory located in South Carolina within the next year.

While I have yet to find information about their total deliveries to this point, a article from Forbes detailed how Polestar outsold the Tesla Model 3 in both Sweden (284 deliveries) and Norway (504 deliveries).

Currently, deliveries are being made in the United States, Canada, Norway and Sweden. Also, like Lucid Motors, Polestar plans on opening 25 retail spaces across the US this year to take test drives and order vehicles from.

There has been conflicting information circulating about the expected valuation of the company with some reports putting it as $10 billion, more than $10 billion, and $25 billion.

As the search for the next $TSLA killer continues, I’ve jumped in yesterday and started a position. I was lucky enough to get in early during the $CCIV run up and will see if any hype builds up around Polestar. Unlike Lucid, Polestar already has manufacturing facilities, is delivering vehicles around the globe, has its supply chain built out, and is backed by a major automotive maker. With the recent criticism around electric vehicle SPACs coming to market and whether or not they are ready to be a public company, it looks like Polestar will be changing that narrative - yet only time will tell!
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I saw the coupe up close in this grey color and it’s so damn fine!

(Not sure how it compares to the competition in terms of specs)
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Leap of Fatih - Managing my own IRA
Back in February, I initiated a transfer of funds from my Coast Guard Thrift Savings Plan to my own Fidelity IRA Rollover account to manage myself. Finally, after about five weeks of waiting, the funds finally settled last Friday and I was able to contribute the max contribution for 2020. Below I will detail the current breakdown of that portfolio, each stock, one week gains/losses, and percentage that stock represents in the portfolio. Moving forward, I will attempt to do a monthly breakdown and review of gains/losses and recap any moves I made in the account during that time span. Also, I plan on putting in the $6,000 contribution around early June after receiving my Coast Guard Reserve Pay. Here is the current breakdown:

Cost Basis - $649.86
Percentage of Portfolio - 17.1%
Current Gain/Loss - (+) 13.84%

Cost Basis – $13.66
Percentage of Portfolio – 5.6%
Current Gain/Loss – (-)2%

Cost Basis – $22.19
Percentage of Portfolio – 6.4%
Current Gain/Loss – (-) 12.05%

Cost Basis – $59.38
Percentage of Portfolio – 6.5%
Current Gain/Loss – (-) 1.13%

Cost Basis – $120.55
Percentage of Portfolio – 12.95%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 11.29%

Cost Basis – $138.11
Percentage of Portfolio – 13.34%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 0.07%

Cost Basis – $185.95
Percentage of Portfolio – 6.5%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 0.7

Cost Basis – $221.16
Percentage of Portfolio – 5.2%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 2.37%

Cost Basis – $248.21
Percentage of Portfolio – 6.7%
Current Gain/Loss – (-) 0.01%

Cost Basis – $255.05
Percentage of Portfolio – 12.08%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 2.23%

Cost Basis – $264.84
Percentage of Portfolio – 7.3%
Current Gain/Loss – (+) 1.9%
I will most likely be looking to add a Semiconductor as my next position in my portfolio - either $NVDA or $AMD !

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the stocks above!
Stocked to hear you took the leap of faith - in the long run I think it will do you wonders. Keep killin it man
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Portfolio as of Today and Plan Going Forward
Since I can't get my brokerage to sync correctly, I'm just posting my portfolio as of today. Very nice day, today, as of this writing. Up about 5.26% I'm still down from highs of early February.

Long Holdings

  • $PINS - 9.9% - hodl in the puke traded a little to reduce basis
  • $SKLZ - 7.3% - added bigtime in the puke
  • $PLTR - 6.4% - added bigtime in the puke
  • $FSLY - 5.9% - re-entered in the puke, bad timing, about even today.
  • $TMDX - 5.7% - reduced just before puke and regret it. Long.
  • $ADYEY - 5.0% - hodl
  • $ONDS - 5.0% - added bigtime in the puke
  • $FSRV - 4.8% - reduced a little at beginning of puke, and regret, trying to add under basis
  • $DMTK - 4.7% - added 1/3 in puke just above basis.
  • $SE (have Mar 2023 75 Calls)- 4.7%
  • $GHVI - 3.6% - added too early, in puke.
  • $CURI - 3.5% - added aggressively in puke. Have puts I hope I get!
  • $U - 3.2% - got back in this just before puke and doubled in puke. I over 2x'd this position last year. (70's -> 160). Fun to see at reasonable price again!
  • $ZYXI - 2.7% - new position during puke!
  • $MWK - 2.7% - new position during puke!
  • $JMIA - 2.4% - new position during puke! AWFUL timing, green position.
  • $UPST - 2.4% - new position during puke! AWFUL timing, red position.
  • $OZON - 2.2% - hodl
  • $CCIV - 2.2% - new position during puke! Added on Friday via Puts.
  • $PRCH - 2.0% - added to position during puke. Great timing.
  • $LFMD - 1.9% - hodl, green position as of today.
  • $FTOC - 1.9% - added in puke.
  • $TSIA - 1.5% - added in puke.
  • $SFTW - 1.4% - added in puke
  • $IPOE - 1.3% - hodl
  • $APPH - 1.2% - added back in the puke. Great timing at $18
  • $MGNI - 1.1% - re-entered in the puke! Great timing at $37
  • $FSR - 0.9% - I don't know why I bought this. Selling calls on it LOL.
  • $SBG - 0.8% - reduced in the puke to buy other stonks. Bad deal.
  • $IPOF (have Dec 17 2021 7.5 Calls) - 0.8% - traded a little to reduce basis in puke, I think this is low risk here.
  • $TBA - 0.5% - just bought this last week. I like the IronSource deal.
  • $VRM (have Jan 20 2023 30/25 Calls) - 0.5% - I reduced before earnings and then after hours when awful earnings came through. I traded mostly at profit, but these calls are red.

I am holding these options which I sold earlier, expiring on Friday (they are all profitable as of today):

  • $SKLZ Mar 19 2021 30 Put (ok to increase position here)
  • $FSR Mar 19 2021 25 Call (ok to lose position)
  • $U Mar 19 2021 105 Put (ok to increase position here)
  • $LFMD Mar 19 2021 20 Put (ok to increase position here)
  • $CURI Mar 19 2021 17.5 Put (ok to increase position here)

Moves Today
  • I added $FSRV, $CCIV (was happily put stock at $28.50 on Friday), $MWK

  • I exited my small $LOTS position today at an 8% loss, I just don't have enough conviction in it when I go to the site, haha, despite having some pretty good numbers on paper. I was sucked in because it seemed so beaten down. Not sure why anyone would go with them over $CVNA or $VRM. I guarantee it goes straight up from here :)--you are welcome.


I am bullish in 2021, especially on these holdings. I plan to reduce many of my lower conviction holdings in the short/medium term. I am not planning to hold all of my SPACs over the longterm. I think that many of these names will further rally from where we are. There is just so much money in the system and increasing, and the selling on many of the quality names I've entered were very extreme IMHO. I did most of my buying during the puke in late Feb, early march. I didn't time much perfecty, but it looks like I was approximately correct in being a net buyer.

Going Forward

Many of you that know me well, know that I have a business in the Information Security space. I intend to focus on that, as I've been growing the team, and it's not just me by myself anymore. I sincerely hope commonstock can get the automated tracking down. I don't want to spend any time updating this.

I will update probably one more time when my Looooooong portfolio is done. It is likely going to be aligned with my top positions, 3% and greater. But, I change my mind a lot!
Trades sure to go wrong
Net Raised Cash
  • Sold $GOOG at 45% gain (big chunk) = Difficult decision. I just think that there are better growth opportunities. I am back in quickly if it tanks through 200 DMA or the breakup actually happens.

Sold More puts on
  • $SKLZ (30 Strike, 16 days out)
  • $CCIV (24 Strike, 9 days out)

So tempted by $MWK
$CCIV #Lucid official!
$CCIV and #Lucid merger is now official and marks a huge sell-off on by the rumor sell the news. Units (often misconceived as shares) tanked at approximately 2:55 PST and are quickly recovering in the after hours of trading. Watch for the price drop down to approximately $45 then a bounce back to the $100 range by mid March.
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Sold $CCIV
Closed out 90% of my CCIV position for a 160% gain. Very happy with taking profits here, to me the headline risk is too great currently. Going to let the rest of the 10% of my shares ride and see what happens. Happy Friday!
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