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Started a 1% Position in $CAT
Director David Maclennan bought $131,892 worth of $CAT today for an average price of $219.82. According to Google he "only" makes $282k a year. This represents a significant chunk of his annual salary.

The shares I just bought were at an average price of $213.9

Who else likes $CAT?

Of course, my favorite metric, is earnings yield is over 5%. They are also repurchasing shares and paying off LT debt.
GDP, Earnings Dump: Daily Contrarian, April 28
Good morning contrarians! Stock futures are rebounding a day after another reversal saw major U.S. indexes finish roughly flat.

It’s a massive day for earnings with a whole bunch of companies due to report in the pre-market alone. Notables include $CAT $MO $TWTR $MRK $NOC $DPZ $KDP

After the close we will hear from $AAPL and $AMZN

Also first-quarter GDP is out at 0830

Read more here, or listen to the podcast:
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Big Week Ahead
Here are some notable earnings coming out this week that I am focusing on:

Monday - $KO
Tuesday - $MSFT, $GOOGL
Wednesday - $FB, $BA, $PINS
Thursday - $AAPL, $AMZN, $TWTR, $CAT
Friday - $XOM, $ABBV

I own most of these tickers and would love to add if the opportunity presents itself after this week's earnings. Unfortunately, last week, my scanner did not pop up anything, as you can tell, due to the volatility, so it has been pretty quiet on my side.
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2022 Birthday Buys - 3 Months Later
Just wanted to give a quick update on my Birthday Buys from this year and report out on their performance through 1 quarter.

Taxable Brokerage
Purchase Price $285.88
Current Price $263.06 (-8%)
Dividends Collected $1.24

$TGT (Trades aren't showing in my history list)
Purchase Price $220.01
Current Price $237.20 (+8%)
Dividends Collected $3.60

Roth IRA
Purchase Price $142.49
Current Price $126.42 (-11%)
Dividends Collected $2.32

Purchase Price $198.13
Current Price $225.98 (14%)
Dividends Collected $0.90

$HSY is the clear winner thus far, but we are playing the long game. I have already added more to my $KMB and $TGT positions. $HSY is at the top of my list to add to, currently.

Way-Too-Early 2023 Birthday Buy Watchlist


I am rounded out on my sector/industry diversification. Looking for strong businesses with growth potential. Dividends are a plus, but not necessary!

Roth IRA

Looking for Healthcare & Utility exposure in my Roth. Open to any suggestions! Dividend is a requirement in this account!

Any recommendations?
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My investing strategy
My long term investing strategy consists of mostly ETFs. I like to use M1 Finance because I can group multiple ETFs and stocks together into pies essentially creating my own ETF. ETFs are great because they can provide safety and consistency.
Here’s the break down of my pies on M1 Finance:
30% Income ETF: this pie includes ETFs that pay a high dividend yield and 2 that are tax advantaged. This includes $EVT $QYLD $RYLD $XYLD $HDV $DVY $HTD $JEPI $NUSI $UTG
25% Growth ETF: this includes ETFs with growth potential and different objectives and holdings. This includes $ENFR $DGRO $SCHD $VGT $EELV $VNQ
25% MLP: this includes master limited partnerships. These are a different type of investment that can offer high returns and tax advantages. This includes $AB $CEQP $EVA $MPLX $MMP $USAC
20% Dividend growth ETF: this is my own ETF I made of stocks with growth and consistent dividends. This includes $AAPL $ABBV $ABR $APTS $AVGO $BLK $BAC $BCE $BMO $BP $BXMT $CAT $CSCO $CVX $ENB $EQR $ESS $HRZN $HTA $IIPR $JPM $KB $KIM $KO $LYB $MMM $MO $MPW $MSB $MSFT $NEWT $NKE $O $OHI $OKE $PRU $RY $SBLK $SKT $STAG $STWD $TD $TGT $VZ $WPC $XOM
I use my Fidelity account to pick individual growth stocks and my TD Ameritrade account to swing trade.
Strategy: growth and income, mix of high and moderate risk
Dividend yield: 5.95%
Last year return: 12.29%
M1 Finance total holdings: 68 (16 ETFs)
Thanks for sharing about your ETF strategy—

I think I remember hearing a bit about your Master Limited Partnership investing a while ago. I forget, what we’re the tax benefits associated with those?
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