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🤦‍♀️SPACS are whack
📉Recession ahead?
🛢️Peak sentiment for oil stocks?
⚡Lightning round $BTC $TGT $BRDS

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And as always, our stock picks of the week!

Car/Scooter rental companies are going to thrive this summer
As gas prices remain high, $UBER and $LYFT struggle to find drivers. Because of this, they're jacking up the price of rideshare rides.

Car rental companies like $HTZ and $CAR are going to see immense demand as tourists will have to rent a car to go from Point A to Point B. And for tourists who are in the city, while parking will be difficult to get, at least there are electric scooters that people can rent out. $BRDS is one company that's greatly positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for electric scooters.

If no one is willing to give people a ride, then people will have to drive themselves to their destinations. That's the theme for the upcoming summer travel season.
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