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$BRCC Earnings Flop
$BRCC earnings report showed its core DTC business has slowed to no growth and that management cannot effectively control costs.

The stock is now down almost 50% since my report highlighting major issues facing the business and went below the $9.5 price target I modeled earlier today.

While my price target has been lowered since publishing, the risk/reward to be short is no longer as dramatically appealing as it was when I first released my analysis. My updated end of 2023 price target is $7.5 at this time

April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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CGC Q1'22 Quarterly Letter - Can you relate?
Cedar Grove Capital released its Q1'22 letter last week and wanted to share it with you all here.

While the quarter was a challenging one, we ended the quarter with 18% in cash and are strategically positioned to continue the rest of the year deploying dry powder in opportunistic areas.

Our holdings are included below - would love anyone's thoughts on them if they have any to share.



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Margin of Safety on a Short Idea
I just wanted to re-share an original post I made on $BRCC a while back. While the stock is up since my report was published, the core business has decelerated more than expected to just 2.9%, something I believe they will not be able to materially reaccelerate. Furthermore, the sales and profit outlook on the physical store business have been revised to the downside, and the sell-side consensus no longer expects the company to be profitable by the end of 2023 as it initially did under two months ago.

While the wholesale business may have upside potential, it in no way justifies the stock trading at over 12x 2023 sales without profitability in my opinion. It's times like this where it's important to not let price action within a month force a sentiment change and evaluate the long term picture. In this case I merely see a stronger margin of safety established for a thesis that was already sound.

There are a bunch of wall street adages for this kind of situation.........and all are bullish, e.g. don't marry your stocks, don't fight the tape, the trend is your friend etc.
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Cedar Grove Capital Q1'22 Investor Letter
Hi all,

For anyone interested, Cedar Grove Capital will be releasing its first investor letter next week for Q1'22.

This letter will encompass our holdings, position sizing, returns, my thoughts for the portfolio going forward and select commentary for certain positions.

Click the link below to subscribe and get it when it comes out.

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Good afternoon!

For those of you that just joined Commonstock or followed me, welcome!

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My "short" targets
I've come for...

I have my eyes set on...

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$BRCC (Black Rifle Coffee Company) - My Next Buy
Black Rifle Coffee Company officially completed it’s merger with SilverBox Engaged Merger Corp to list on the stock market under the symbol $BRCC. On its first day of trading, the stock popped over 30%, closing over $15 at market close.

While this company has been on my radar for a while, I lost track of the listing with all of the other noise going on with the market. However, this company should not be left out of the conversation when it comes to brand awareness and recognition.

Founded in 2014, my first experience with the company came while I was in the Coast Guard. Prior to every deployment, one of my fellow Junior Officers would order pounds of the coffee to take with us for the months we were underway. Always good coffee and appreciated, I’ve never considered myself a coffee “aficionado” and never worried about the brand of coffee in my cup, as long as I had the caffeine.

Then, in 2021, I got a chance to listen to the CEO Evan Hafer speak on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, and I really appreciated and connected with his outlook on the world and running a business. Currently, 50% of $BRCC employees are either veterans or spouses of veterans. Additionally, in 2021 alone, they donated over $3 million dollars worth of coffee to the Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. Entirely owned and operated in the United States, the company really spoke to my patriotic roots.

Yet, to make an investment in a company worthwhile, there has to be a lot more than just a “feel good story” behind the thesis. After completion of the merger, the company was valued at $1.7 billion dollars at the $10 share price commonly utilized with SPAC investing. With its current price, the valuation sits at ~$2.55 billion.

To back up its performance, BRCC estimated that for 2021, it’s expected revenue is $230 million and that by 2023, the estimated revenue will be $430 million, averaging at a respectable 37% CGAR.

More impressively is their online presence and it’s marketing outreach. BRCC has evolved into much more than just a coffee company. Like $COOK $LULU or $PTON BRCC has created an entire lifestyle brand around its product and is setting up a much larger ecosystem in the future. In addition to coffee and merchandise, BRCC has currently opened up 16 “outposts” which serve as coffee shops, merchandise shops, and a general socialization space for all things Black Rifle Coffee. By the end of 2023, they expect to have over 78 outposts up and running throughout the United States.

There is a significant runway for this company to continue expanding in the coffee and lifestyle brand space. A strong, powerful message and mission, coupled with an aggressive, opportunistic management and leadership team will only continue to assist $BRCC deliver to shareholders over the next decade.

Additional financial and strategic information can be found here:

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