Portfolio Performance June 2022
A very ordinary first half of the year and kudos to those that are hanging in there. Hopefully we are all either hoarding some cash or picking up some bargains along the way ready to make some earnings on the next bull run (whenever that may come).

The most rewarding moment came for me this month when my total dividends earned for 2022 so far exceeded dividends earned for the entirety of 2021. This gives me some confidence that my strategies are sound and that there is something to be positive about.

Income Portfolio
Down 4.8% for the month, but slightly outperformed the SP500. Biggest gainer was $HII up 8% for the month. Biggest loser was $STLD down 18% over the course of June.

Growth Portfolio
I have intentionally been very inactive here, waiting for the market to turn. Biggest gainer was $AMWL up 25% and I did trim my holdings twice during the month. Biggest loser was $UPST down 34% for the month. The spike in the graph below only represents the $SHOP stock split. Unfortunately I didn't bank a big gainer that day.
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This Weeks Trades
My income portfolio snuck back in the green today. A relatively quiet week for me, not a lot of movement on companies in my watch list falling below or within my buy range. Still holding off adding growth stocks at the moment, looking for some positive momentum but today was a good sign.

Income Portfolio: Opened new positions in $AFG and $VYM . Increased position size in $VIG Collected dividends on $TFSL .

Growth Portfolio: Trimmed some more of my $AMWL shares after its 14% bounce earlier this week, and will look to close this position when the price is right.

Speculative: No adds or sells but some nice movement in a few positions.
This Weeks Trades
Wow, what a week. Both my income and growth portfolios are fully in the red for the first time. There are some great buying opportunities out there and I will continue adding to my income portfolio when a company meets my criteria and price range. Holding off adding growth stocks at the moment, looking for some positive momentum.

Income Portfolio: Trailing stop hit on my position in $VLO so completely out of this trade now for a 99% return since Aug 2021. Opened new positions in $EGP $EXR $KMI and $AVY. Collected dividends on $WHR $NEE $HDV and $SDIV

Growth Portfolio: Trailing stop hit on $ENPH for a 16% return. I will likely look to add back at some point as I see great potential in this company over the longer term. Trimmed some of my $AMWL shares, and will look to sell more when the price is right.

Speculative: No adds or sells but my holdings of $CRSP finally turned green so that is pleasing
Teladoc - Speculative Buy

Disclosure: 200 shares at $109/share

Teladoc $TDOC has certainly fallen from its pandemic-driven, sky-high valuation. The company is trading for roughly 1/3 its peak market cap. Although the company remains unprofitable, I have been averaging down slowly.

I think the concern over revenue growth is unwarranted. Company's do not grow at 80%+ forever. Teladoc no doubt got a boost from the pandemic, but I feel that Management's guidance of 25%-30% growth this year is still impressive.

My main concern revolves around cash flow. If $TDOC can continue trimming its losses, then I think it will gain more favor across Wall Street over time. The company is crushing its competition, namely $TLMD and $AMWL. Frankly, I view Teladoc's real competition as better capitalized tech companies that could enter healthcare if they wanted ($AMZN $GOOG)

Interestingly, Amazon has partnered with Teladoc, integrating its technology with Alexa. From an outside perspective, this looks like a vote of confidence from Amazon, but I don't want to lean on this partnership too heavily just yet.

Overall I think Teladoc has a lot of tailwinds that could propel future growth. I'll be keeping an eye on profitability and investing/selling as I assess future earnings.

Let me know what you think!
A great article Adam! Thank you for sharing

I think Teledoc as a concept shows great innovation and promise. Right now I can see a lot of movement on personalization of care - whether that's treatments for cancer or recommendations for diet changes. Teladoc as a digital native is in a strong position to create value through its data and delivery of personalization at scale. In the future, it is no doubt likely that telemedicine will become common practice so they stand in a position to take the lead.

That being said it would be really insightful to hear your thoughts on management?
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