Kind of think this might be a top for solar and renewable energy stocks for a bit. Quite a run spurred by some high demand and legislative news. Times like these I wish had bought even more during the negative sentiment times of course, but I always feel being too overweight anything is too risky for my comfort level. Had to trim Enphase position a little today. As much as I love the company, stock is overextended. One piece of bad news, or even just Republicans leading polls for midterms (it is August after all) will send these stocks down 20% in a week. I’ve learned you can never get comfortable, even as a long term investor, when dealing with a volatile growth industry. These swings are too wild and there’s a lot of crap you can step in if you’re not careful. $ENPH $ICLN $SPWR $SEDG $FSLR $RUN $AMRC
Yup I sold my $DQ because it was up ~80% in less than 4 months; gotta take advantage of the irrationality sometimes. Went to school for solar engineering; got into Enphase at $1🤣🤣. Recovering from two spinal fusions required me to liquidate what little investments I had well before they saw $100🥲. But it helped me believe in myself when I saw growth right in front of my face. We were installing Enphase everywhere and so was everyone else. Only people not bullish were investors.
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$CELH is just on 🔥 (and I'm kicking myself for not picking up any when I was looking at it around $40), $ROKU making a little comeback since last week's report, and a surprising report for $UBER!
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