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Investing in 2020 ..a look back
About me : Started investing in 2020 . It took me 6months to ask myself , why i am investing in companies? Then , i realized the below goal .

Goal : To support kids college and family financials in 2035

Lot of good companies, but just started with a few .

Fintech & e-commerce :Building long positions in $SQ $SHOP $ETSY

Commodities exposure : Silver $SLV $AG

Uranium(Just started) : $URNM $NXE

Experiment phase(companies i started positions to understand about them. If i like them , they will be added to long term)

$OPEN (the biggest YTD gainer in my portfolio) $PLTR

2020 taught me what "forward thinking " in stock market means and i am hoping , it would be fun ride going forward .
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