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  • Data that CEOs are seeing does not suggest that a downturn is imminent
  • PE and VCs with record amounts of dry powder
  • AT&T saw some delays in collections of payments

Companies covered:

Trading Chronicles 27/04/22 - $AMR trade
Got stopped out of $AA earlier for £-55 loss. Took a redemption trade on $AMR and this paid £124.95 so I'm up by £69.85 on the day!

$AMR could go to $161 tomorrow but I was nervous holding it overnight in a choppy market. Baby steps to build back my confidence after a massive drawdown in stocks last week.

Hoping for another big move in $BTU and $CEIX tomorrow!
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Trading Chronicles 27/04/22 - $AA trade
After taking an absolute battering and big drawdowns this month on trades gone wrong on $MP $ZIM $AA $CENX, I thought it was time to take a small trade to find my feet again and build my confidence up.

Saw the $QQQ and $SPY rallying today so took a £8,000 position in $AA hoping it would rally too. It's been pretty battered the last couple of days (tbh weeks) so I thought this could be a nice mean reversion trade off the back of a market rally. Bought in at $69.40 (lololololol) and was looking for a move to $77 in the next couple of days.

Had a tight stop at $68.11 just in case it went badly. Pretty tight stop but it's back to being disciplined and not being a shmuck. I was looking to make about £880 and risking £152.

It did rally initially however, market weakness took over and it ended up hitting my stop. I saw the bearish engulfing candle and sold a bit earlier before it could hit my stop loss so I only took a loss of £-55.

Small loss but this for me is to build up proper discipline. In a declining market period, I need to be comfy taking my losses small and allowing my wins to be big.

Don't think I'll be taking anymore trades today but hope this is a valuable contribution!
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Housing Starts, Beige Book, Earnings: Daily Contrarian, April 20
Good morning contrarians! Netflix ($NFLX) is tanking after the company posted disappointing subscriber figures, taking streaming competitors with it…

Several earnings up today: Anthem ($ANTM) just beat on top- and bottom-line estimates. Later this morning we’ll hear from Baker Hughes ($BKR) , Abbott Labs ($ABT), and Procter & Gamble ($PG) .

After the close this afternoon we’ll get Alcoa ($AA) , United Airlines ($UAL), Kinder Morgan ($KMI), and Tesla ($TSLA). Of course Tesla has to report on 4/20.

Read all about it, or listen to the podcast here:
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Earnings Last Week!
In our newsletter highlighting key quotes from earnings calls this week:

  • Consumers more accepting of price increases
  • American Airlines getting a new CEO
  • Oil capital spending on the rise

Happy Sunday all! Here's some weekend reading:

This week:

  • Market Recap
  • Macro of the Week - The Hiking Cycle
  • Earnings - Banks [$GS & $MS], Consumer Staples [$PG], Transportation [$UNP & $JBHT], Airlines [$UAL & $AAL] & Mining [$AA]
  • The Week Ahead - Event Calendar
  • Closing Thoughts - Does a Market Bottom Matter?

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 17-21th)
Hey guys! Here's next week's upcoming earnings calendar!

The most important thing I'm interested in is if there's a change of character relative to the past earnings season. Growth stocks got hammered last time. Hopefully this quarter the worst has been priced in and companies are evaluated on their actual results.

Some other things I'm interested in:
  • $PG - Are sales numbers still strong? Has supply chain inflation persisted?
  • $NFLX - Streaming trends over the past quarter. (I hold $ROKU and a bit of $FUBO)
  • $UAL and $AAL - Comments on the Omicron variant and corporate travel demand.
  • $PNC $BAC $KEY - Insights on the economy. December retail sales were down, so we'll see if banks also point to weak consumers.

What are you guys interested in?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.

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Earnings Season Is Upon Us! (Oct 11-15 Calendar)
Earnings season starts next week, and there are several very intriguing earnings calls happening. Here's what I'm interested in:

  • Perspectives and forecasts on the US economy from major banks $JPM $GS $WFC $BAC $C $MS $PNC
  • An update on the semiconductor shortage from $TSM and their outlook for 2022 and beyond. Major clients of the company include $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $QCOM $TSLA
  • More context on the US air-travel recovery from $DAL, particularly on business travel.
  • General update from $DPZ. Although I've never owned the company, their turnaround and continued growth always amaze me.

Comment below what earnings call you're looking forward to next week!

Remember you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.




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