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Twitter's new CEO is Linda Yaccarino
Yaccarino interviewed Elon 3 weeks ago at the 2023 POSSIBLE conference hosted by NBC Universal.

Yaccarino asked: "With Tesla, you were inventing. With Twitter, you are reinventing, which is different. It's challenging rituals, its the challenge of the delicate balance of a rebrand."

At the time, the audience thought Yaccarino was interviewing Elon. But now we know, Elon probably considered this as a job interview for Yaccarino.

You can watch the whole interview here:

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Linda Yaccarino interviews Elon Musk – April 18, 2023
Linda Yaccarino interviews Elon Musk – April 18, 2023

Doug Helton
@dougheltonMay 12
Seems like all smiles in the interview. Thanks for the link
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Elon Musk announces new Twitter CEO
He says she'll be starting in 6 weeks.

The new CEO:
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Chip Lunderburg
@chip_lunderburgMay 11
Actual headline should be: "Elon Musk announces sex change"
Celsius update
If you had your assets in a Custody account (let's face it, you didn't), then you would be able to withdraw 100% from Celsius now.

The problem is, zero people deposited money into Celsius for the purpose of having it sit in a custody account.

Everyone was there for the high yield in the Earn program.

We will have to continue to wait and see if any money from the Earn program is able to be withdrawn.
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Doug Helton
@dougheltonMay 4
My thoughts:
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#14 on the 3 month leaderboard
2022 was excruciating. My connected portfolio is all crypto. Therefore I am excited to take an ill-advised victory lap for making the Commonstock Leaderboard. Gotta celebrate while you can 🥲
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Conor Mac
@investmenttalkApril 4
The rational behind Soluna $SLNH
It's always fun to get DMs from people asking about your portfolio holdings: @wjared

Here's why I bought Soluna (not to be confused with Solana)

The thesis behind Soluna (at least for me) was to benefit from the Bitcoin and crypto ecosystem while not being exposed to Bitcoin's price.

Soluna builds bitcoin mining rigs next to renewable energy power farms.

Renewable energy has a very pesky problem of matching up supply and demand. Wind energy in particular is quite mercurial— the wind blows when it wants to blow. All too often energy is created when no one needs it and not producing enough energy when everyone needs it.

Soluna helps solve the situation when energy is being created but demand is low.

If the wind is blowing strong but the local power grid doesn't need more juice, a lot of the electricity generated goes to waste because there aren't batteries powerful enough to store the energy.

It's actually kind of an incredible problem.

Soluna builds bitcoin mining rigs right next to wind farms and buys their excess electricity for very low prices. This makes the wind farms happy because they would have wasted the electricity— now they get paid for everything they produce! Albeit at a reduced rate. But better than nothing!

And Soluna then uses that electricity to mine Bitcoin.

By reducing their energy costs, Soluna can Bitcoin more efficiently and profitably than other miners.

Soluna sells the Bitcoing they mine almost right away. The CEO of the company isn't a Bitcoin fanatic, he is on record saying he just sees an opportunity to help out wind farms while also making a profit. Bitcoin just happens to be tool.

My thesis was, since Soluna sells their Bitcoin right away, the company wouldn't be correlated to Bitcoin's price. It should be "safer" because the way they make money has more to do with the rise of wind power.

However, the market has not agreed with me. Since Soluna is a Bitcoing mining company, the market see's "Bitcoin" and trades $SLNH down when Bitcoin goes down. I think Soluna has noticed that and there is no longer any mention of Bitcoin on the landing page of their website. Instead it focuses on "selling every megawatt" of clean energy. Which is indeed their value proposition.

Here is their website:

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Soluna: Sell. Every. Megawatt.
Sell all the renewable energy your power plant generates. We build small-footprint data centers to buy and use all your excess energy.

Andy Buchanan
By the way, you can see from my trade chart that I bought in November of last year, which was pretty much the top of the market for equities. Bad timing all around. @wjared
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How Much Real Estate Could you Buy for $1 Million?
In New York you can only get 358 square feet of prime real estate for a million dollars.

“There are three things that matter in real estate: location, location, location”

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Visual Capitalist
How Much Prime Real Estate Could You Buy for $1 Million?
Is $1 million enough to buy you a luxury home? As this infographic shows, the answer varies greatly from city to city.
How Much Prime Real Estate Could You Buy for $1 Million?

In Oklahoma you can get 400-500 acres of prime ranchland 😊
Melania wins again
"The source of funds for the winning bid in Melania Trump’s first NFT auction appears to be the creators of the project themselves"

This is extremely common in the NFT space.
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Money That Won Melania Trump NFT Came From Melania Trump Wallet
The former first lady began an auction in January for a collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain, including digital artwork of a hat that she wore.
Money That Won Melania Trump NFT Came From Melania Trump Wallet

Django Brooks
Is this the 2022 version of authors buying their own books to get on the New York Times best sellers list?
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Winner of the day: Illumina
This is the second day in a row where there is a single outlier winner in the S&P 500. Is that normal? Yesterday it was Moderna, today it is $ILMN, up about 17%.

Illumina is up big today because Barclays at long last relented on its pessimism, removed its sell rating, and upgraded the shares to equalweight. Also, there was rumors that Illumina is going to try and get into long-read sequencing, like PacBio (Illumina currently specializes in short read sequencing)
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Joey Hirendernath
Hi Andy this is a very cool visual where did get this from ?
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