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New Weekly Paid Newsletter 11/09 is out
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Topics of The Week: Portfolio Update, Commentary, Exiting $OPBK, & More Earnings.
I also wanted to share part of this week's newsletter free of charge for "commonstock family"
**Exiting Op Bancorp ($OPBK):**
I said it before, but this time it happened!
I exited $OPBK at about 100% profit.
Image courtesy of @nathanworden (Thank you)
Originally I was buying because during pandemic this bank had no debt, right metrics, and the most important thing… management was buying LIKE CRAZY lots and lots of shares while the whole world was preparing for doom and gloom.
Crazy part some are still buying (although not as much as
before) but I will be leaving this train…
Although I think this potentially has room to go higher with interesting rates going up. I just don’t feel as good with this being mainly niche play in California (one of the reasons why I bought $ORI and not $FAF) and I already have Bank OZK as my “Bank play”.
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